Preview: G.I. Joe #22

Wed, September 8th, 2010 at 4:16pm PDT

The Joes battle Mother Nature as a tidal wave threatens to sweep Scarlett, Ripcord and their strike team off an abandoned COBRA atoll. At the same time, Shipwreck, Cover Girl and the others have captured a COBRA weapon of mass destruction. But can they hold onto it? Action, mayhem, and post-nuclear consequences on the high seas!

G.I. Joe #22 (Vol. 22)G.I. Joe #22 (Vol. 22)G.I. Joe #22 (Vol. 22)G.I. Joe #22 (Vol. 22)
G.I. Joe #22 (Vol. 22)G.I. Joe #22 (Vol. 22)G.I. Joe #22 (Vol. 22) 

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