Preview: Incredible Hulks #613

Thu, September 9th, 2010 at 8:58pm PDT

DARK SON Part 2 SO MANY HULKS, ONE BOOK A MONTH WASN'T ENOUGH TO HOLD THEM! Bruce Banner is the Hulk once again, and far from being left alone, he's got a whole family of gamma-charged allies at his side. Son Skaar, daughter Lyra, cousin She-Hulk, friends A-Bomb and Korg, and wife Red She-Hulk - or is that EX-wife? Meanwhile, a universe away, Hiro-Kala, the mysterious DARK SON of Hulk, rises to power on the planer K'ai. He has a plan for his long lost family members, and it involves a bigger smash than his father has ever made. The Incredible Greg Pak (PLANET HULK) kicks off the DARK SON story as INCREDIBLE HULKS begins a new TWICE MONTHLY schedule!

Incredible Hulks #613 (Vol. 613)Incredible Hulks #613 (Vol. 613)Incredible Hulks #613 (Vol. 613)Incredible Hulks #613 (Vol. 613)
Incredible Hulks #613 (Vol. 613)Incredible Hulks #613 (Vol. 613)  

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