Preview: Valkyrie #1

Thu, September 23rd, 2010 at 8:58pm PDT

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Sep 29th, 2010
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From the pages of SECRET AVENGERS—the untold story of the rebirth of Valkyrie! In AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED, Ragnarok claimed the lives of the Asgardians, until they were reborn along with Thor himself…but when and how did the legendary shield maiden Brunhilde return? How does a murder mystery hold all the answers? And how can Valkyrie solve the riddle of her own death? Dare a glimpse into the soul of Marvel's most misunderstood heroine, and witness her transformation from myth to Defender to Avenger! Featuring the Marvel Universe writing debut of acclaimed writer Bryan J.L. Glass (The Mice Templar), and the stunning pencils of Phil Winslade (Wonder Woman)!

Valkyrie #1 (Vol. 1)Valkyrie #1 (Vol. 1)Valkyrie #1 (Vol. 1)Valkyrie #1 (Vol. 1)
Valkyrie #1 (Vol. 1)Valkyrie #1 (Vol. 1)Valkyrie #1 (Vol. 1) 

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