Preview: Red Sonja #52

Mon, October 11th, 2010 at 9:58am PDT

Red Sonja and her men find danger and intrigue in Persemhia—a city-state of Shem uncomfortably close to several hostile borders, ruled by a dying king. The armies of Argos and Koth are on the march, Stygians lurk in the city's dark cornes, and the hordes of vicious mercenary Cavvalus are in hot pursuit... a perfect place for Sonja and her mercenaries to earn their pay

Red Sonja #52 (Vol. 52)Red Sonja #52 (Vol. 52)Red Sonja #52 (Vol. 52)Red Sonja #52 (Vol. 52)
Red Sonja #52 (Vol. 52)Red Sonja #52 (Vol. 52)Red Sonja #52 (Vol. 52) 

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