Preview: Kid Kosmos: Cosmic Guard TPB

Tue, April 8th, 2008 at 9:35am PDT

With such past creative credits as Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Batman, 'Breed, Captain Marvel, Cosmic Odyssey, Dreadstar, Infinity Abyss, Infinity Crusade, Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, Marvel: The End, Thanos, and a list of so many more, creator/writer/artist/visionary Jim Starlin is returning with his own brand-new series - the Cosmic Guard!

A young orphan is chosen by a mysterious light from space to become the latest in a long line of Cosmic Guardians, super-powered defenders who are charged with protecting the galaxy.

Ray Torres is literally teetering on the edge of suicide -- planning to leap from the roof of the orphanage where he lives -- when a shooting star changes his life forever by choosing him to join a long line of space superheroes called the Cosmic Guard.

Featuring story and art from the legendary Jim Starlin, this Dynamite TPB features the complete 6 issues, plus a complete cover gallery, and sketch material!

Fans, for more Kid Kosmos, ask your retailer for, KID KOSMOS: KIDNAPPED.


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