Preview: John Moore Presents: Dead Soldier #2

Tue, October 19th, 2010 at 6:48am PDT

From acclaimed filmmakers John Moore (Max Payne, Behind Enemy Lines and The Omen) and Richie Smyth, comes the story of Colonel John Donner, aka John Doe,a veteran of World War I (the Great War) who incredulously so many years later seems to have survived in the most frightening way. Just as young Lieutenant Thomas Brightwater meets Doe in a remote and secret outpost at the edge of desert and gets a brief glimpse of his dark backstory, the terrifying being breaks free and havoc is unleashed. Meanwhile, armed with what they do know as well as a regional conflict in the Middle East quickly spinning out of control, higher ups in Washington mobilize a twisted plan to ensnare the whole region in a final and decisive battle royal. Or so they think. Because they could have never predicted how the biggest menace of all is of their own ilk and with the potential to terrorize their forces in a way no terrorist ever could. For Lieutenant Brightwater, the race is on to once more gain control over Doe, understand his unfathomable origins, and possibly get him back on the cause. The alternative is total Armageddon - not just in the region, but possibly the whole planet and everyone on it.

John Moore Presents: Dead Soldier #2 (Vol. 2)John Moore Presents: Dead Soldier #2 (Vol. 2)John Moore Presents: Dead Soldier #2 (Vol. 2)John Moore Presents: Dead Soldier #2 (Vol. 2)
John Moore Presents: Dead Soldier #2 (Vol. 2)   

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