Preview: Kato Origins: Way of the Ninja TPB

Mon, November 22nd, 2010 at 8:28am PST

Story by
Jai Nitz
Art by
Colton Worley
Cover by
Colton Worley
Dynamite Entertainment
Cover Price:
Release Date
Nov 24th, 2010
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Early 1942, just months after Pearl Harbor, a police detective knocks on Britt Reid's door. He is looking for Kato; there has been a murder in the Korean section of Chicago. Kato is Japanese, but posing as Korean to avoid persecution. At the crime scene Kato finds a single Japanese character written in blood, "coward." This opens a web of intrigue that will take Kato across the US to a Japanese internment camp in California. Along the way he will battle mobsters and crooked cops, spies and ninjas, and fall in love. Can Kato choose between love and revenge?

Collection Features

Issues one through five of the critically-acclaimed series by Jai Nitz and Colton Worley

All of the series covers

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Way of the Ninja with commentary by Jai Nitz

"Do yourself a favor and pick it up. Gritty action. Noir setting. Sophisticated, ambiguous view point. Ass-kicking ninja. Dynamite just locked in my money." –

"...a good, mystery filled story that is worth the buy if you're a longtime Hornet fan or, like me, just curious about the character known as Kato." – Troy mayes,

"Engaging" –

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