Preview: True Blood #5

Tue, November 23rd, 2010 at 3:40pm PST

Sex with his hot teacher has disastrous results for the teenaged Jason, but it's Lafayette's coming-of-age story, and how it may have affected his psychologically fragile mother that gives the Imp Shaloop—the spirit holding them hostage—a rise. Will Bill get to his story before daylight, and why does Sookie think the trickster spirit may be hiding the biggest secret of all? The truth is black and white—and red all over.

True Blood #5 (Vol. 5)True Blood #5 (Vol. 5)True Blood #5 (Vol. 5)True Blood #5 (Vol. 5)
True Blood #5 (Vol. 5)True Blood #5 (Vol. 5)True Blood #5 (Vol. 5) 

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