Preview: Daredevil #109

Thu, July 17th, 2008 at 9:06pm PDT

Part 3 of "Cruel and Unusual" with special guest co-writer Greg Rucka joining the acclaimed DD creative team! Daredevil and Dakota North have investigated all angles of the brutal murders that Big Ben Donovan sits on Death Row for, and all they've come up with is more questions and conspiracies. Why does Big Ben want to be executed for a crime he probably didn't commit? And why does the government want Dakota and Matt Murdock off the case? Find out these answers and more!

Daredevil #109 (Vol. 109)Daredevil #109 (Vol. 109)Daredevil #109 (Vol. 109)Daredevil #109 (Vol. 109)
Daredevil #109 (Vol. 109)Daredevil #109 (Vol. 109)Daredevil #109 (Vol. 109) 

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