Preview: Age of X: Alpha (UNLETTERED) #1

Thu, December 30th, 2010 at 7:23am PST

Mutankind’s final war starts here in the X-Event that has everyone talking! Age of X: Alpha #1, from the creative team of New York Times Best-Selling writer Mike Carey and rising star artists Mirco Pierfederici, Paul Davidson, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Harvey Tolibao and Carlo Barberi, kicks off the next big X-Men epic that will change the course of Mutantkind forever.  The survival of their species rests on the shoulders of the few remaining mutants who are on their last leg. Who is this mysterious group and at what length will they go to keep their kind alive? Get your answers to these questions and more in the explosive opener that will leave X-Fans immediately demanding more, Age Of X: Alpha #1!


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