Preview: Thor: First Thunder #5

Thu, January 13th, 2011 at 8:58pm PST

This is it, the finale of Thor's origin! The entire Marvel Universe assembles to stop an out of control thunder god. But are even the powers of the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man a match for the true rage of an Asgardian unleashed? And is Jane Foster's life as doomed as her unrequited love? All is revealed as Loki's scheme escalates beyond even his own control, and all humanity may pay the price! That is, unless Dr Don Blake dares what no mere mortal is permitted to do: claim an audience with Odin, All-Father of the gods, to demand justice! Be there for the concluding chapter of the story calls “a strong Thor offering and a nice primer for those hoping to get familiar with the Thunder god.”

Thor: First Thunder #5 (Vol. 5)Thor: First Thunder #5 (Vol. 5)Thor: First Thunder #5 (Vol. 5)Thor: First Thunder #5 (Vol. 5)

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