Preview: G.I. Joe #27

Mon, February 21st, 2011 at 10:58am PST

“M.A.S.S. DESTRUCTION” concludes here with Snake Eyes and Helix stranded at the top of the world in a desperate battle against time, the elements and COBRA. Expect an armored vehicle battle on the frozen wastes of an Arctic wasteland like you’ve never seen before. And a chilling shock ending you never thought you’d see!

G.I. Joe #27 (Vol. 27)G.I. Joe #27 (Vol. 27)G.I. Joe #27 (Vol. 27)G.I. Joe #27 (Vol. 27)
G.I. Joe #27 (Vol. 27)G.I. Joe #27 (Vol. 27)G.I. Joe #27 (Vol. 27) 

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