Preview: X-Men #9

Thu, March 17th, 2011 at 8:58pm PDT


The X-Men, with Spider-Man's help, return to the depths of the Manhattan sewers to rescue the outcast teens that have fallen into the clutches of a mysterious menace. But Logan, Emma and crew are about to walk into
a trap that strikes to the very core of their DNA, and the surprise villain
pulling the strings is an all-too-familiar face! Can the X-Men save the
innocents when they might not even be able to save themselves?

X-Men #9 (Vol. 9)X-Men #9 (Vol. 9)X-Men #9 (Vol. 9)X-Men #9 (Vol. 9)
X-Men #9 (Vol. 9)X-Men #9 (Vol. 9)X-Men #9 (Vol. 9)X-Men #9 (Vol. 9)

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