Preview: Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #6

Tue, April 26th, 2011 at 1:38pm PDT

With his beloved Gail's life hanging in the balance, the Man of the Atom faces his archenemy Nuro's Nuclear Ninja-warriors skilled in the arts of stealth, deception . . . and death. It's martial-arts mayhem on a cosmic scale! Plus, the astonishing origin of the Man of the Atom continues! In the searing ergozone of a black hole, all of time and space is laid bare to Dr. Phillip Solar. World War III is imminent. So is the death of his eleven-year-old sister . . . If only he could do something! But maybe he can . . .

* Industry legend Jim Shooter returns to the character he redefined in the 1990s to overwhelming sales and critical success.

* Part of a major launch of new related titles, including Magnus, Robot Fighter; Turok, Son of Stone; Mighty Samson; and Doctor Spektor.

* This issue contains multiple tales, including the continuing origin tale of the Man of the Atom.


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