Preview: Annihilators #4

Thu, June 2nd, 2011 at 8:58pm PDT

TWO AWESOME STORIES IN ONE COSMIC BOOK! This is it: the galaxy’s most powerful squad and most beloved duo face their fiery finales! First, the Annihilators must prove they are the ace team of universal protectors that Star-Lord dreamed they could be...or perish in the attempt! Meanwhile, Rocket Raccoon and Groot face the horrible, reality-twisting menace – who has a key connection to Rocket’s secret past – that lurks in the heart of the Half-World Asylum! Want to show the House of Ideas that you want more Marvel Cosmic? Spread the word and buy this issue!

Annihilators #4 (Vol. 4)Annihilators #4 (Vol. 4)Annihilators #4 (Vol. 4)Annihilators #4 (Vol. 4)
Annihilators #4 (Vol. 4)Annihilators #4 (Vol. 4)Annihilators #4 (Vol. 4) 

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