Preview: Incorruptible #19

Sat, June 25th, 2011 at 1:43pm PDT

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Jun 29th, 2011
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With Headcase out of commission, supervillains emerging from the woodwork in the wake of the Plutonian’s absence, and pressure from the Paradigm to prove he’s fit to be a true superhero, Max Damage is beginning to show cracks in his incorruptible exterior. And when a young supervillainess approaches him with an unusual proposition, will Max remain on the straight-and-narrow, or will the temptation of his old life in a post-Plutonian world prove impossible to resist?

Incorruptible #19 (Vol. 19)Incorruptible #19 (Vol. 19)Incorruptible #19 (Vol. 19)Incorruptible #19 (Vol. 19)
Incorruptible #19 (Vol. 19)Incorruptible #19 (Vol. 19)Incorruptible #19 (Vol. 19) 

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