Preview: Queen Sonja #19

Sun, August 21st, 2011 at 8:11am PDT

Things are reaching a breaking point for Sonja and her one-time ally, the Cimmerian mercenary Ryakin. Meanwhile, Thulsa Doom continues working to free his dark god, Set, from his imprisonment. Set is hiding something from Thulsa, but not to worry – Thulsa is hiding something from Set, too! A desperate battle in the wilderness and an unexpected reversal of fortunes – and loyalties – awaits in the blood-and-guts packed penultimate issue of Son of Set.

Rafael coverQueen Sonja #19 (Vol. 19)Queen Sonja #19 (Vol. 19)Queen Sonja #19 (Vol. 19)
Queen Sonja #19 (Vol. 19)Queen Sonja #19 (Vol. 19)  

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