Preview: Kato #12

Mon, September 5th, 2011 at 7:58am PDT

Now a full-fledged crime fighter in her own right, the daughter of the original Kato carries on her father's legacy. Mulan finds life in Century City a bigger challenge than she imagined. The new Kato has to deal with a league of local kung fu killers intent on revenge, complex relationships with the new Green Hornet and her father, as well as a new friend who is actually intent on destroying her. She may become the crime fighter her legendary father was... if she can survive her first month on the job.

Kato #12 (Vol. 12)Kato #12 (Vol. 12)Kato #12 (Vol. 12)Kato #12 (Vol. 12)
Kato #12 (Vol. 12)Kato #12 (Vol. 12)Kato #12 (Vol. 12) 

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