Preview: Herc #8

Thu, September 22nd, 2011 at 8:58pm PDT


You loved it when Herc dressed up as Thor, but can you handle the senses-shattering debut of... THE INCREDIBLE SPIDER-HERC?!?! And versus… THE X-MEN??? Though he is the newly self-appointed protector of Brooklyn, when a rash of unusual occurrences begin breaking out in Manhattan, Hercules finds himself "infested" with Spider-Powers of his own. Unfortunately, our web-slinging former demigod soon finds himself under the thrall of the insidious intelligence behind Spider Island and in a duel to the death against fellow champions The X-Men. Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente join up with artist June Brigman to deliver a pulse-pounding, wall-crawling [!!!] adventure with Marvel’s lovable lug, HERC!

Herc #8 (Vol. 8)Herc #8 (Vol. 8)Herc #8 (Vol. 8)Herc #8 (Vol. 8)
Herc #8 (Vol. 8)   

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