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Scarlet Spiders #2 Review by Marykate Jasper December 19th, 2014
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Thunderbolts #24 Review by Jennifer Cheng April 14th, 2014
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Uncanny X-Men #10 Review by James Hunt April 16th, 2012
Daken: Dark Wolverine #23 Review by Adam J. Langton March 29th, 2012
Uncanny X-Men #3 Review by Greg McElhatton December 28th, 2011
Hawkeye: Blindspot #3 Review by Doug Zawisza April 18th, 2011
Hawkeye: Blindspot #2 Review by James Hunt March 14th, 2011
Hawkeye: Blindspot #1 Review by Doug Zawisza February 16th, 2011
Age of X Alpha #1 Review by Chad Nevett January 26th, 2011
Wolverine Mr. X #1 Review by Timothy Callahan March 9th, 2010
Dark Wolverine #80 Review by James Hunt December 1st, 2009
Dark X-Men: The Beginning #2 Review by Chad Nevett July 27th, 2009
Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #3 Review by Timothy Callahan January 1st, 2009
X-Men: Manifest Destiny #2 Review by James Hunt October 14th, 2008