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Runaways #2 Review by Jennifer Cheng July 13th, 2015
Runaways #1 Review by Marykate Jasper June 16th, 2015
Shaft #4 Review by Marykate Jasper March 16th, 2015
Shaft #1 Review by Doug Zawisza December 4th, 2014
Young Romance: The New 52 Valentines Day Special #1 Review by Jennifer Cheng February 11th, 2013
Ame-Comi II: Batgirl #1 Review by Kelly Thompson November 16th, 2012
Higher Earth #1 Review by Greg McElhatton May 7th, 2012
Dark Horse Presents #2 Review by Greg McElhatton June 22nd, 2011
Deadpool Team-Up #894 Review by Chad Nevett April 16th, 2010
Hulk Team-Up #1 Review by James Hunt September 18th, 2009
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #47 Review by Timothy Callahan January 15th, 2009