Green Wake #6

by Kelly Thompson, Contributing Writer |

Story by
Kurtis Wiebe
Art by
Riley Rossmo
Letters by
Kelly Tindall
Cover by
Riley Rossmo
Image Comics
Cover Price
$3.50 (USD)
Release Date
Oct 26th, 2011

Mon, October 31st, 2011 at 5:53PM (PDT)

“Green Wake” was a great little mini-series that has been upgraded into an ongoing series, much to everyone’s benefit. Extending a mini-series into an ongoing doesn’t always work, but there were so many mysteries in the first arc, it’s a pleasure to see Kurtis Wiebe and Riley Rossmo go back to this intriguing concept and dig deeper.

When last we left the characters of “Green Wake,” our hero Morley had just returned to the shores of Green Wake after escaping. Morley finds Green Wake much changed, mostly for the worse, as a mysterious man named Micah has taken control and seems to have a cultish hold on the residents that Morley encounters. But after a murder, the first since Morley left Green Wake (gulp!) Morley is able to team up with his old friend and partner Krieger to solve the crime.

Kurt Wiebe is handling this book nicely, and I appreciate that he’s being less deliberately obscure about what Green Wake itself is. It’s nice to have more of the puzzle pieces as we examine the remaining mysteries as well as plenty of new ones. Wiebe has created a great pair of friends and detectives in Morley and Krieger and he populates this second arc with some interesting new faces. Much like the first arc, Wiebe’s writing is strong, his plotting is nicely layered, and he has a good blend of character work and page turning mystery.

Riley Rossmo brings the same loose kinetic style here that he brought to the first arc and it’s just as beautiful and exciting this time. Rossmo effortlessly strikes a dark and moody tone that well-fits both the world of Green Wake and its trapped inhabitants. His sketchy work is gritty but gorgeous and his colors -- a limited palette full of extreme lights and darks -- are emotional and resonant.

The most impressive thing both Wiebe and Rossmo have managed to do here, however, is to wrap up their initial arc and then effortlessly pick it up here so that it still feels organic and not like some desperate attempt to keep the magic going. No, they’ve still got the magic, and there’s nothing desperate about it.


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