Hexed #1

by Doug Zawisza, Reviewer |

Story by
Michael Alan Nelson
Art by
Emma Rios
Colors by
Cris Peter
Letters by
Marshall Dillon
Cover by
Emma Rios, Joe Pekar
BOOM! Studios
Cover Price
$3.99 (USD)
Release Date
Dec 17th, 2008

Mon, October 27th, 2008 at 8:27PM (PDT)

This new story from Boom! Studios focuses on Luci Jenifer Inacio Das Neves, or "Lucifer," for short. Lucifer is a thief of things paranormal, and her tale is told in the first person. No stranger to the dark fringe offerings of Boom! Studios, Michael Alan Nelson provides a fresh protagonist whose career choice challenges me as a reader. I'm all for things being done in the quest for good, but can stealing ever be a good thing?

In the realm of the supernatural, slightly below and off to the side from those things seen everyday, it certainly seems possible that there are no lines of solely black and white. Lucifer lives in a gray world and carries a gray morality with her.

The artwork in this issue, rendered by Emma Rios, carries a Joshua Middleton economy with a sketchy line. The characters are all very distinct. The backgrounds and peripherals are detailed when necessary and frequently even carried beyond necessity.

This first issue is rounded out with Val, a broker type of character for Lucifer's dealings and Dietrich, the scorned former employer with a grudge the size of Texas and a cunningness to think he can employ that grudge to his selfish advantage.

This being the week of Halloween, I found this advanced review copy to be extremely poignant, as "Hexed" treats the supernatural with the mystery it would carry in the "real" world. You only get glimpses and glimmers, finding out only what Lucifer chooses to share with you. Certainly, there is much, much more that she is hiding from the reader. I, for one, am curious to find out more.

Boom! has found a niche market with the supernatural tales and with "Hexed" they stand poised to be noticed that this genre is theirs for the harvesting, offering up plenty of interesting character-driven and action-fueled stories.


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