Buck Rogers #0

by Doug Zawisza, Reviewer |

Cover Price
$0.25 (USD)
Release Date
Apr 22nd, 2009

Wed, April 22nd, 2009 at 8:12PM (PDT)

Dynamite Entertainment continues to expand their dominance of licensed titles with their addition of "Buck Rogers." This is the way to debut a new series -– offer up the first segment for a quarter. This is easily the best damn quarter you'll ever spend this side of a gumball machine.

Scott Beatty crafts a fun adventure for Anthony Rogers here as he takes on the Ganymedian Armada single-handedly. This issue breaks no new ground, but it does offer a fabulously well-paced and exciting read. There are some head-scratching lines dropped here and there, but this is a preview issue -- it's a teaser and it does a good job of teasing. The story raises questions that won't keep me awake at night, but will have me saying, "Oh! Now I get it!" when the story beats get filled in on future issues.

Rafael's pencils match Beatty's story beat for beat and offers a great set of fabulously rendered visuals. His Ganymedians are slimy yet satisfying, and his rendering of Buck's technology is at once futuristic and retro. The art is strong and clean and accentuated by the eye-popping colors of Carlos Lopez.

My only hope is that the pages shown here are not excerpts to "Buck Rogers" #1, but rather a prequel to the adventures there. It seems as though this story is going to be separate from whatever may be in the first "true" issue of "Buck Rogers," as this issue's last page declares that the beginning to this story can be found in "Buck Rogers" #1.


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