"Achewood" Comic Strip Returns for the First Time Since 2014

Sat, January 2nd, 2016 at 11:05am PST

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Anthony Couto, Assistant Editor

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Dark Horse's "The Great Outdoor Fight," a collection of Onstad's "Achewood" stories.

The immensely popular webcomic "Achewood" has returned with brand new original installments over at writer-artist Chris Onstad's website.

The series returned with a new strip -- for the first time since April 2014 -- on Christmas Eve, followed by another new installment, the very next week, on New Year's Day. No release schedule for the series has been announced.

Created by Chris Onstad in 2001, "Achewood" has gained recognition for its smart, surreal humor through the lens of anthropomorphic stuffed toys, robots and animals.

After gaining online recognition, Dark Horse Comics began publishing extended and reprinted versions of Onstad's "Achewood." Since 2008, Dark Horse has published three collected volumes of the series.

Head over to Onstad's official "Achewood" website to keep yourself updated on the strip.

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