Andrews, Ottley's "Batman v Superman" Variant Covers Revealed

Fri, February 19th, 2016 at 6:00pm PST

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Albert Ching, Managing Editor

DC Comics has revealed the two latest covers for its "Batman v Superman"-themed variant initiative running through March -- "Iron Fist: The Living Weapon" writer/artist Kaare Andrews taking on "Superman" #50, and "Invincible" artist Ryan Ottley on "Robin: Son of Batman" #10.

SM Cv50 Color Spotlight VarSM Cv50 Fade VariantSM Cv50 Color Var
Kaare Andrews' spotlight, fade and color variants for "Superman" #50.

RBSOBM Cv10 color spotlight varRBSOBM Cv10 fade varRBSOBM Cv10 Color var
Ryan Ottley's spotlight, fade and color variants for "Robin: Son of Batman" #10.

"Superman" #50 and "Robin: Son of Batman" #10 are both scheduled for release on March 16.

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