COMIC REEL: Elodie Yung Details "Daredevil" Audition; "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" Cast Begins Rehearsal

Tue, February 2nd, 2016 at 8:01am PST

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Collider spoke with head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb and Elodie Yung, who plays Elektra. Yung spoke about her audition process, saying that she didn't even know what show she was auditioning for, let alone character.

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"After I had five or six rounds of auditions," said Yung, referring to how many auditions she had before learning she was auditioning for Elektra. "I had two great scenes to read. I didn’t even know it was for 'Daredevil.' Everything is so top secret. So, I just had two great scenes to prepare for the audition, and I was very excited just to go in the room and do that. And then, I had to meet them, over and over and over again. Every time, they would give me notes and I would learn a little bit more about who this girl was without knowing it was for Elektra. Without knowing who she was, you could go many ways in the scenes. I probably kept doing something that was closer to who I am because if you don’t know, you should just go with who you are and enjoy yourself. I wouldn’t say that I’m nice, but I’m nicer than Elektra, so I wanted to know what they wanted. Jeph was like, 'No, she’s not a nice girl. Just keep the nice girl in the closet.' At the last audition with Charlie [Cox], I knew it was for Elektra. Luckily, I was a big fan of the series. I’ve never read any comics, so I’m not very familiar with all of that. But as soon as I knew, I had watched the series, so I was good for that. They used me if I knew Elektra and the comics, and I was like, 'No, not really.' You have to be honest. So, I started discovering this amazing world. I found a really old copy of 'Elektra: Assassin,' which was the first thing that I read. When you read the first issue, you don’t understand anything. It is very complex and very dark. I was excited."

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Yung reiterated that there will be a costume and she will be involved in a number of fights ("I still have some bruises!"). The French actress also spoke about Elektra's accent.

"I always work with a coach," said Yung. "That’s just a personal thing that I like to do. During interviews, you’ll hear more of my accent and I’ll stress the wrong words. There are little things that I would do like a French girl. For Elektra, I just wanted to be very clear. She’s traveled the world. She didn’t go to boarding school, but that’s the type of girl that she’d be. So, I just wanted to make sure that I could bring that to her, which goes through the language."

Returns to Netflix on March 18

Superhero Hype caught up with Paul Rudd and got to talk to him about his upcoming involvement in the Marvel movie-verse, specifically now that there's a sequel to "Ant-Man" on the schedule.

“I know that when I signed up for it that there was always the potential that they’d do another one or it would tie in in some way, but specifically, I wasn’t aware and I’m still not totally aware of how that’s the case,” said Rudd. “We are doing a second one, so those meetings are starting to be scheduled and underway as far as what it’s going to be. We’ll start writing it soon.”

He continued to say that “It’s been very easy” when it comes to scheduling these movies. “Marvel’s been great, as far as if I have something else and they’ll work around it. It’s not like I’m working on a series which might be a little trickier as far as schedule. I worked on ‘Civil War’ and I didn’t really work on it for very long, but as far as ‘Ant-Man 2,’ I already know when that’s going to go, so you just kind of plan accordingly. If anything comes along that I can film before or after and it works out time-wise and it makes sense, Marvel’s been supportive.”

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Opens July 6, 2018

Superhero Hype got to talk to Josh Brolin about his Thanos performance, learning what goes into bringing the Mad Titan to life.

“It’s not voice work, it’s mo-cap," said Brolin. "I’m there. I’m there and I’m not in a booth. I’m being filmed. I have a bunch of crap on my face. [laughs] I’m being filmed by like thirty-four cameras? Thirty-six cameras? Something like that. Every movement, everything. So, it’s very new to me, it’s very exciting, it’s very unnerving. But I sure trust these guys! You know? We’re supposed to get together very soon to talk about the trajectory of Thanos in the next few years and it’s very exciting. It’s one of the better decisions I think I’ve made.”

Part 1 opens May 4, 2018; Part 2 opens May 3, 2019

Latino Review has heard a rumor about who Scoot McNairy is playing in "BvS." It was originally assumed that McNairy was playing Jimmy Olsen, but according to LR's unnamed sources, the actor is actually playing a wheelchair-bound character that testifies against Superman and gets entangled in Lex Luthor's anti-Superman scheming -- which includes turning McNairy into a "human bomb."

The first two "BvS" Barbies have appeared on Amazon. The Amazon listings not only reveal the packaging and box art of the Wonder Woman doll, but the listings include the first look at Mattel's Batman.

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Batman Barbie"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Batman Barbie"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Batman Barbie"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Batman Barbie Box Rear
"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Wonder Woman Barbie"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Wonder Woman Barbie"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Wonder Woman Barbie"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Wonder Woman Barbie

Opens March 25, 2016

New "Civil War" concept art has arrived online, at Heroic Hollywood.

12630676 10153885836427708 1975758469 o12637285 10153885836202708 1121853987 o 1cap 3 art

Opens May 6, 2016

"Deadpool" has released a new promo that sees the Merc wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year.

HitFix caught up with previous Deadpool voice actor John Kassir, who voiced the merc in three previous video games, and got him to comment on Ryan Reynolds' take.

"At first when I saw the commercial for it I was like, 'Is that his voice?' It's like kinda high and fun. [But] I think that Ryan Reynolds' voice is closer to what I was doing to it than what's currently in the games and the cartoons," said Kassir. "So I like it. You know, as far as -- I haven't seen it all together, so I can't really completely rate it. But I'm sure it'll be great."

"Deadpool" has released a "graphic infographic" that runs through the film's cast.

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Opens February 12, 2016

ComicBook caught a quick bit of news on Kevin Smith's "Fat Man on Batman" podcast: he'll be shooting his "Flash" episode in March. The brief, NSFW-ish "Flash" talk starts around 7 minutes in.

And a new "Flash" poster shows the Scarlet Speedster harnessing some of his lightning.

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Airs Tuesdays on the CW

Writer/director James Gunn has shared a behind-the-scenes pic from "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" rehearsal featuring Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista and Sean Gunn.

When someone's screwing up a scene during rehearsals I show them Dave Bautista (Batista) as an example of good acting. With Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt, and Sean Gunn. #GotGVol2

Posted by James Gunn on Monday, February 1, 2016

Opens May 5, 2017

Actor John Schaech has teased part of his Jonah Hex look on his Instagram.

Airs Thursdays on the CW

There's a new promo for next week's episode, "The Would-Be Prince of Darkness."

While talking to CBR, "Lucifer" showrunner Joe Henderson teased more things from the comics that may be on the way.

"I personally am going to try to get Gaudium in there at some point. I don't know how -- I don't think we're going to be able to do a Grey Gargoyle Cherub, but what's our version of that? What's our translation of that? We sort of have a checklist of themes, the ideas. the stuff we can play with from the original work, the Mike Carey and Peter Gross run, the Neil Gaiman stuff, 'The Sandman.' It's really nice because we've got all these crazy ideas that can be the impetus for different ideas that we can make our own."

Airs Mondays on Fox

A new promo for "Suicide Squad" has been cut loose on Instagram.

Worst of the worst. #SuicideSquad

A video posted by Suicide Squad (@suicidesquadmovie) on

Opens on August 5, 2016

You can check out a recap of last night's "Supergirl," titled "Bizarro," here on CBR. There's also a promo for next week's ep, "For The Girl Who Has Everything."

Airs Mondays on CBS

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