EXCLUSIVE: "Gotham's" Jim Gordon Leaves Protective Custody, but Not Prison, in New Clip

Mon, March 28th, 2016 at 5:58am PST

Dan Gvozden, Editorial Assistant

When viewers tune in to tonight's all-new episode of "Gotham," Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) finds himself in an especially precarious situation -- serving time in prison for the murder of Theo Galavan. Until now he's been in protective custody, but his situation is about to get a lot more uncomfortable.

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In a CBR-exclusive clip from "Prisoners," Warden Carlson Grey (Ned Bellamy) informs Gordon he's being moved to the prison's F-wing, general population, putting him in direct contact with all the criminals he helped put away during his time with the Gotham City Police Department.

After Gordon is removed from protective custody, he begins to face new threats and dangers inside the prison walls and in order to survive he must rely on a new friend as well as Bullock and other outside help. Meanwhile, Penguin grows closer to his Father, while his step-mother and step-siblings move forward with their own plans for the family.

"Gotham" stars Ben McKenzie, Robin Lord Taylor,and David Mazouz, and airs Mondays at 8 p.m.on Fox.

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