Maestro Dominates in Marvel's "Secret Wars," Joins "Contest of Champions'" Mobile Game

Thu, March 5th, 2015 at 8:47am PST | Updated: March 5th, 2015 at 8:48am

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Stephen Gerding, Senior Editor

Greg Land joins Peter David on "Future Imperfect"

While many fans expected the Maestro to make his way onto the "Secret Wars" landscape, following the reveal of a "Future Imperfect" teaser leading up to Marvel's big announcement back in October, it's a safe bet that not many expected him to also be the main villain in a video game.

And yet, that's exactly what Marvel has announced today. The Hollywood Reporter has the first word on the future-based Hulk's return in "Future Imperfect," a new series stemming from Marvel's company-wide crossover event, under the guidance of his co-creator Peter David and artist Greg Land, as well as the revelation that he is the primary antagonist in the already-released "Marvel Contest of Champions" mobile game, written by Sam Humphries.

"There are things in the new series that reflect and harken back to the first series," David says of his new "Future Imperfect" story, promising some familiar faces when the Maestro makes his presence known on Battleworld -- along with a surprise twist: "There’s a character in the series referred to as ‘the boss,’ a person who oversees the battle against the Maestro. I feel pretty confident in saying that no-one will be able to guess that person’s identity until it’s revealed on the last page."

Meanwhile, Bill Rosemann told THR that the Maestro's inclusion in "Contest of Champions" was the perfect answer to the question of finding "a character who could trump the Collector and go toe-to-toe and perhaps even defeat Thanos himself."

"Future Imperfect" scars the Battleworld landscape when it debuts June 3; "Marvel's Contest of Cham[pions" is already feeling the effects of the Maestro's evil machinations on mobile platforms.

Hulk2marvel future imperfect
Land's interiorss for "Future Imperfect, and Dale Keown's cover art

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