Scott Snyder Addresses "Batman" Departure Reports

Wed, January 27th, 2016 at 4:49pm PST | Updated: January 27th, 2016 at 4:54pm

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Albert Ching, Managing Editor


This past Friday, a report surfaced that Scott Snyder will leave "Batman" at DC Comics and move to fellow ongoing Bat-series "Detective Comics." According to the report, the reason stems from "Batman" imminently moving to a twice-monthly schedule.

Though none of the above has been confirmed by DC -- who declined comment when reached last week on the matter by CBR News -- Snyder addressed the reports this past Friday on his Twitter. While politely declining to share details on his future at DC Comics -- other than saying he "genuinely couldn't be more excited for what's coming" -- or anything related to the "Detective Comics" series, Snyder said his focus for the next couple of months will be on celebrating the issues he has left on "Batman" with artist Greg Capullo. The two have been on the book together since Sept. 2011, the first issue of the series in the New 52 era.

Snyder said that the forthcoming "Batman" #50 and #51 are "truthfully two of his favorites," and that March's issue #50 is "all-out fun."

Additionally, Snyder stated that after Capullo leaves "Batman" (to work on a creator-owned series with Mark Millar) it'll only be about six months before they reunite for their next DC project, which they've both teased in the past.

"Batman" #50 is scheduled for release on March 23.

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