Sebastian Stan Says Seeing "Captain America: Civil War" Left Him Speechless and in Pain

Sat, March 12th, 2016 at 11:47am PST

Ben Kaye, Contributing Writer

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Sebastian Stan loves "Captain America: Civil War" so much it hurts.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the May 6 release of "Captain America: Civil War," but some folks have already laid eyes on the film. That includes star Sebastian Stan (The Winter Soldier), who told Collider that watching the film left him stunned and in pain.

"I sat there and basically there was a bowl of candy and fruit and gum in front of me and then there were sparkling waters," he explained of his office screening of the film, "and I basically sat on the edge of my couch the entire time and ate through the entire bowl of candy. I was overly stimulated with this movie, which I’m so proud to be in because everyone is fucking awesome in it. Everyone is fucking fantastic. I walked out of it speechless, and I worked on the movie and I was there! I walked out of there and I had back pain from leaning.”

Watch his statement below.


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