TOYING AROUND: Captain Marvel, "Batman v Superman," Thundercats & More!

Sat, January 16th, 2016 at 10:58am PST

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TJ Dietsch, Staff Writer

We're just about a month away from New York Toy Fair, the biggest gathering of collectible companies in North America where everyone comes stuffed to the gills with new action figures, statues and the like to show off. It's mainly for buyers to fill their stores, but also for news outlets to snap pictures and get fans stoked for the rest of the year. But, in the mean time, we still have plenty of goodness to look at like this stunning Captain Marvel statue from Sideshow Collectibles, a pair of "Batman v Superman" pieces from Kotobukiya, a variety of Star Wars products and Mattel's latest subscription offering based around that beloved '80s property Thundercats.

captain marvel 2captain marvel 4
captain marvel 1captain marvel 3

CAPTAIN MARVEL | Carol Corps at attention! Sideshow Collectibles just unveiled a 23-inch-tall Premium Format Figure statue based on the one, the only Captain Marvel. Poised in a battle-ready position, Carol Danvers looks ready to throw down with any menace. The Sideshow exclusive version also comes with an alternate head featuring her Kree helmet to keep her dome and that rad haircut safe. Captain Marvel ships at the end of this year.

bvs 1
bvs batmanbvs superman

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE | Thanks to the confrontational letter in the title and all those clips and trailers of two iconic heroes not getting along, it's safe to say that Zack Snyder's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will feature a healthy dose of hero-on-hero violence. Kotobukiya designed their individually sold Batman and Superman statues to reflect that because they can be posed together mid-punch. Both pieces can be pre-ordered now, but ship in May.

star wars kylo renn 1star wars kylo renn 2star wars kylo renn 3
star wars captain phasma 1star wars captain phasma 2

STAR WARS |"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" villain Kylo Ren might be one of the most intriguing characters fans met in J.J. Abrams' relaunch of the franchise. He has a dark side, but also struggles with the light and clearly has a boatload of parent issues. Kotobukiya captures the masked murderer with their ARTFX+ snap-together kit that comes with that now-iconic lightsaber. Koto also gave fans a better look at their Captain Phasma piece which can be posed with or without shiny blaster. She works as a great display piece, but can also double as an awkward disco ball if a party breaks out at your place.

batman animated deluxe batmobile
batman rainbow batmen1

BATMAN | DC Collectibles announced two new Bat-related offerings around the internet this week. They unveiled the deluxe version of the Batmobile from the Batman: The Animated Series line. As you can see in the image, the new set comes with Batman and Robin figures with cloth capes for easy sitting, a light-up Bat signal and metallic paint applications where appropriate.

Meanwhile, the Not-So-Dark Knight embraces all the colors of the rainbow in a new 6-figure set that pays homage to "Detective Comics" #241 when Batman donned a variety of different colored costumes to confuse criminals. The resulting set includes pink, orange, yellow, green, blue-and-gray and purple versions of the World's Greatest Detective. If these figures look familiar, that's because DCC included them in a poll of nearly-made pieces that asked fans which one they should actually produce. Come August, they'll be a reality!

POP Star Wars PX Rancor

STAR WARS | Previews and Funko got together to make a fantastic looking Star Wars Pop 3-pack based on "Return of the Jedi." The box set includes a 6-inch-tall Rancor as well as the usual-sized Jedi Luke Skywalker and Oola, the unfortunate Twi'lek. Maybe being packaged together and sold in stores starting in May will make these three get along a bit better, even with their less-than-pleasant history.

alien internecivus raptus statue 200464 02alien internecivus raptus statue 200464 05alien internecivus raptus statue 200464 15

ALIEN | When you think about it, it's kind of amazing that we don't really have a full name for the menaces in the Alien films. Sure, we call them xenomorphs because that's what Gorman said in "Aliens," but he was more so referring to aliens in general, not the specific brand trying to kill him. They have been labeled as Internecivus raptus in Latin which translates into "murderous thief" and seems quite fitting. Sideshow's latest statue based on the franchise takes its name from that and other inspiration from H.R. Giger's designs for this awesomely creepy ode to Ripley's greatest enemy. She ships at the end of the year.

Funko Dorbz Fallout Female Lone WandererFunko Dorbz Fallout Male Lone WandererFunko Dorbz Fallout Power ArmorFunko Dorbz Fallout Super MutantFunko Dorbz Fallout Vault Boy
Funko Mystery Mini Zootopia 1Funko Mystery Mini Zootopia 2Funko Pop Dark Souls III Red KnightFunko Pop Dr Who 9th doctorFunko Pop Dr Who Jack hires large
Funko Pop Dr Who K9 hires largeFunko Pop Dr Who River hires largeFunko Pop Dr Who Rose hires1 largeFunko Pop Dr Who Sarah hires largeFunko Pop Dr Who Silence hires large
Funko Pop ID AlienFunko Pop ID David LevinsonFunko Pop ID Steve HillerFunko Pop Supernatural Bobby SingerFunko Pop Supernatural Castiel Steve
Funko Pop Zootopia Ele FinnickFunko Pop Zootopia FlashFunko Pop Zootopia Judy HoppsFunko Pop Zootopia Mr BigFunko Pop Zootopia Nick Wilde

FUNKO | As usual, Funko revealed an impressive batch of collectibles this week that covers a huge swath of geek fandom. The second series of "Doctor Who" Pops which includes the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, River Song, Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane and The Silence will hit soon (first at Hot Topic) as will a GameStop-exclusive K-9.

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Meanwhile, a property with a very different take on aliens also earned some Pops -- namely Steve Hiller (Will Smith), David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) and an Alien from "Independence Day." If you prefer fantasy to sci-fi, the company also has "Supernatural" takes on Bobby Singer and Castiel "Steve." The former hit next month while the latter can be picked up now.

Video game fans should keep an eye out for the line of "Fallout" Dorbz that feature the male and female Lone Wanderer, Power Armor, Super Mountain and Vault Boy which shamble into the world in March along with the Red Knight Pop from "Dark Souls III."

Finally, the delightful Funko-Disney relationship will continue to result in equally delightful toys. "Zootopia," which hits theaters on March 4, inspired both Pop figures and a set of Mystery Minis. Both will include appearances by Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, Ele-Finnick, Mr. Big and Flash. They all come to stores in February.

Thundercats clubThirdEarth Monthly fullsizeimageThundercats LION O fullsizeimage

THUNDERCATS | Finally, some good news for fans of those cats who holler "Hooooo" all the time: Mattycollector officially started selling subscriptions to the Third Earth line of Thundercats toys. Kicking off in September with a Lion-O figure, the sub will include Jackalman in October, Pumyra in November, Pathro in December and a club-exclusive Mumm-Ra in November. Subscriptions are available for purchase now until February 26.

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