WATCH: MCU Supercut Fan Video Shows "The Road to Civil War"

Wed, March 23rd, 2016 at 6:17pm PST

Lauren Gallaway, Assistant Editor

In this video, edited and designed by the fine folks over at the MCU Exchange, a string of clips from every Marvel Studios film and television series are woven together to create a narrative that leads into "Captain America: Civil War."

The video, which runs for about seven minutes, overlays scenes from Marvel with voice overs from "The Avengers," "Age of Ultron," and "Civil War." It juxtaposes Tony Stark's struggle to put a "suit of armor around the world," and Steve Rogers actual struggle in defending the world from the illusion of so-called government safety, which he perceives as government control.

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It's a sweeping narrative that quickly reminds viewers of the dangerous, global events that will lead General Ross to create the Sokovia Accords in "Civil War," and how Steve Rogers and Tony Stark will each take polarizing sides in the fight.

"Captain America: Civil War." opens in theaters May 6.

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