WonderCon 2016 Photo Parade: Friday is Funday in Los Angeles!

Mon, March 28th, 2016 at 2:58pm PST

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CBR News Team, Editor

Comic book fans celebrated Easter weekend in Los Angeles by flocking to Staples Center for WonderCon 2016! Celebrities, readers and cosplayers gathered at the show's new venue to celebrate comics, anime, video games, television and movies starring our favorite characters.

CBR News photographer Caitlin Holland was on the scene, snapping pics and recording the event for posterity! Look through her photos from Friday's turn-out, and check back later this week for Saturday and Sunday!

Friday 10Friday 101
Friday 104Friday 105
Friday 107Friday 111
Friday 113Friday 115
Friday 117Friday 118
Friday 119Friday 12
Friday 120Friday 121
Friday 122Friday 124
Friday 125Friday 129
Friday 130Friday 131
Friday 132Friday 133
Friday 135Friday 136
Friday 138Friday 14
Friday 140Friday 141
Friday 144Friday 145
Friday 146Friday 148
Friday 15Friday 150
Friday 153Friday 154
Friday 156Friday 158
Friday 159Friday 160
Friday 162Friday 163
Friday 165Friday 19
Friday 2Friday 21
Friday 24Friday 26
Friday 28Friday 29
Friday 30Friday 32
Friday 37Friday 38
Friday 39Friday 40
Friday 41Friday 42
Friday 43Friday 45
Friday 47Friday 49
Friday 50Friday 54
Friday 55Friday 57
Friday 58Friday 60
Friday 62Friday 63
Friday 66Friday 68
Friday 7Friday 70
Friday 71Friday 73
Friday 75Friday 85
Friday 88Friday 9
Friday 90Friday 91
Friday 92Friday 97
Friday 98

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