"Young Justice's" Payton Has A "Real Good Feeling" About Possible Return

Mon, February 15th, 2016 at 11:53am PST

Brett White, Assistant Editor

Earlier this month, "Young Justice" writer/producer Greg Weisman issued a call to action for fans of the canceled series via Twitter. Now that both seasons of the series -- which ended it's run in 2013 -- are on Netflix, Weisman urged fans to "watch all eps over and over" and buy the Blu-rays in order to show that there's still interest in the show. Now, two weeks later, voice actor Khary Payton has chimed in on social media about the campaign to bring the show back for a third season.

Payton voiced Aqualad on "Young Justice" and currently voices Cyborg on "Teen Titans Go!" Producer Weisman also quoted a fan's tweet, adding his own words expressing his hope to see the show return at the end.

"Young Justice" ran from 2010-2013 on Cartoon Network, lasting two seasons and 46 episodes. The show's cancellation was announced three years ago, in January 2013, leading to a fan petition to renew the show.

Both seasons of "Young Justice" are currently streaming on Netflix.

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