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ECCC: Marvel's Next Big Thing

Mon, March 7th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Nick Spencer's exclusive contract, the "Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon and Garth Ennis' possible return to Marvel Comics were among the topics of discussion during Marvel's Next Big Thing panel at Emerald City Comicon.

ECCC: The DC Universe Panel

Sun, March 6th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

DC Comics rewarded good questions with donuts at ECCC's DC Universe panel. Topics discussed at Saturday's panel included "Flashpoint," "All-Star Wonder Woman" "Action Comics" and much more.

CCI: Bill Willingham

Wed, August 13th, 2008 | Category: Comic Books

"Fables" creator Bill Willingham met with fans at Comic-Con International to distribute exclusive gifts, talk about new projects, go behind the scenes of books like "Salvation Run," and reveal the fate of Peter Pan in "Fables."

CCI: Legion of Super-Heroes 50th Anniversary

Wed, August 13th, 2008 | Category: Comic Books

Prolific Legion creators Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen, Mike Grell, Geoff Johns, Colleen Doran, and Tom and Mary Beirbaum met with fans at Comic-Con International to discuss the history of DC's teenagers from the future.

CCI: Family Guy

Mon, August 4th, 2008 | Category: TV, Film

Seth MacFarlane and the casts and crews of "Family Guy" and "American Dad" met with fans at Comic-Con International to give an inside look into the production of both shows, tease new episodes and talk Star Wars.

CCI: The Spectacular Spider-Man

Wed, July 30th, 2008 | Category: TV, Film

The cast and crew of Kids' WB!'s "The Spectacular Spider-Man" met with fans at Comic-Con International to discuss the show's popular first season, tease developments for next year, and talk DVD releases.

CCI: Spotlight on Dave Gibbons

Mon, July 28th, 2008 | Category: Comic Books

"Watchmen" co-creator Dave Gibbons was on hand at this year's Comic-Con International for a special spotlight panel which had the artist talking with fans about the upcoming movie and the legendary comic that spawned it.

CCI XTRA: "Lost" - Many Questions, Few Answers

Thu, August 2nd, 2007 | Category: TV, Film

Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse met with thousands of fans at Comic-Con to discuss the new season of the hit show and reintroduce a long lost cast member.

CCI XTRA: Minx Announces 2008 Releases

Thu, August 2nd, 2007 | Category: Comic Books

Last week at CCI, DC Comics' young adult imprint Minx announced new projects for 2008, including work by Brian Wood, Andi Watson, Rebecca Donner, David Hahn, Mariko Tamaki and more.

CCI XTRA: Darwyn Cooke on Leaving "The Spirit," More

Mon, July 30th, 2007 | Category: Comic Books

At a panel focussing on the venerable writer-artist, Darwyn Cooke announced he'll be trading "The Spirit" for "more introspective work." CBR News was there and has a full report.

Milestones: Stan Sakai talks "Usagi Yojimbo" #100

Wed, November 8th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

26 years ago, Stan Sakai created the rabbit samurai Usagi Yojimbo. This January, the 100th issue of the Dark Horse series sees print. CBR News spoke with Sakai about his incredible journey and got a look at art from the incredible roster of guest artists including Frank Miller.

CCI Xtra: Bruce Timm Career Retrospective and "Legion of Superheroes" Cartoon

Fri, July 28th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

Bruce Timm enjoyed a career retrospective at Comic-Con last weekend and shared with fans a preview of the upcoming "Legion of Super Heroes."

CCI Xtra: Dark Horse's Horror Line Revealed

Fri, July 28th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

At Comic-Con last week, Dark Horse revealed details fo their upcoming horror line, which includes "City of Others" by Niles & Wrightson, "Rex Mundi," "The Secret," "Sudden Gravity" and more.

CCI Xtra: Seth Green's "Freshmen" Return for a Second Semester

Fri, July 28th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

Writer/Actor Seth Green and writer Hugh Sterbakov disccussed the futue of "The Freshmen" at Comic-Con, plus Paul Dini makes an appearance to announce his new book "Madam Mirage."

CCI Xtra: "Heroes" Pilot Screens for Enthusiastic Crowd

Wed, July 26th, 2006 | Category: TV, Film

This past weekend at Comic-Con, NBC held a screening of the new series "Heroes." We've got a report on the show as well as the Q&A panel.

CCI Xtra: Spotlight on "Gargoyles" Creator Greg Weisman

Tue, July 25th, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

Greg Wiesman, the creator of "Gargoyles," told Comic-Con attendees stories of the show's production and talked about his work on the current Slave Labor Graphics comic series.

CCI, Day 1: Random House Steps into Graphic Novel Market

Fri, July 21st, 2006 | Category: Comic Books

Random House looks to make a splash in the world of comics and their panel at Comic-Con revealed a few secrets. Come take "Flight!"