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The Basement Tapes - 12/20

Tue, December 20th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

It's the final BASEMENT TAPES of 2005 and Casey & Fraction sit down to choose their favorite books from the past year. Two writers, three books each. Can you guess which books made the grade and which didn't? Come on in and find out.

The Basement Tapes - 12/13

Tue, December 13th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Joe & Matt say it's time to confront a sad, dark secret about being a comic writer... the moment where a writer begins to obsessively scour the Internet for rection to their their story and start to adjust their work accordingly. How destructive can this be? The guys discuss it in this week's THE BASEMENT TAPES.

The Basement Tapes - 12/06

Tue, December 6th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Today marks the first ever BASEMENT TAPES half issue. What does that mean? Of course, we're not going to tell you here. You're going to have to click on through to find out.

The Basement Tapes - 11/22

Tue, November 22nd, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Who's Number One? Which books have landed in the Top Ten this month? Which company dominates the market share? And by what slim margin? Should creators give a damn about the state of the industry or is it part of the job to worry about it? Casey and Fraction make a pretty good showing of giving a damn…

The Basement Tapes - 11/15

Tue, November 15th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Casey & Fraction continue their discussion on writing comics. This week, the guys discuss strategies and plans of attack when writing a new comic, plus Joe gives some real world examples that should raise a few eyebrows.

The Basement Tapes - 11/08

Tue, November 8th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Last time, Casey & Fraction shared with you the nuts and bolts of how they write a comics script. This time, they continue to examine the process on a pure level by talking about

The Basement Tapes - 11/01

Tue, November 1st, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

This week Casey & Fraction sit down to show you how to make comics THE BASEMENT TAPES way! What follows is the first in a series of discussions about the mechanics of writing comic books.

The Basement Tapes - 10/25

Tue, October 25th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Last week, the final issue of "The Intimates" shipped to comic shops. Matt talks with Joe about what happened with the series, why it was cancelled, and about the many challenges the series faced along the way.

The Basement Tapes - 10/18

Tue, October 18th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

It's the kind of thing fans often clamor for with great passion. "Give (insert creators' names here) another shot on (insert character name here), since they were so great on that series twenty years ago!" Sometimes it actually happens. Sometimes nostalgia is a wonderful thing. Sometimes not.

The Basement Tapes - 10/11

Tue, October 11th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Did you see the ad on the back cover of "Fell" or in "GDLAND" promoting Matt Fraction & Gabriel Ba's upcoming series "Casanova?" Joe Casey sits Matt down to discuss the book, the series bible, the pitch to Image and much more about this new book.

The Basement Tapes - 9/27

Tue, September 27th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Two creators, two very different careers. The guys take a look at their own output, looking for themes amongst the projects they've worked on, searching for common thematic elements, trying to find some sort of career context.

The Basement Tapes - 9/20

Tue, September 20th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Warren Ellis has quite a history with the Internet. His new discussion site, THE ENGINE, is the writer's forray into the world of online communities. Joe & Matt take a look at Warren's latest online experiment.

The Basement Tapes - 9/13

Tue, September 13th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

If you've spent any time catching up on the classic Marvel stories written by Stan Lee in the '60s, you know the man had his own inimitable style. But what exactly were the tools he used to engage the reader? And could those tools still be used today?

The Basement Tapes - 9/06

Tue, September 6th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

How do you balance writing for the mainstream, maintain a career, hold on to your integrity and enjoy yourself, all at the same time? One of their own stands up and answers the hard questions and Joe & Matt react to her comments.

The Basement Tapes - 8/30

Tue, August 30th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Joe & Matt look at the biggest thing to hit the comics market in years, "All-Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder." Was it as good as the hype? Or did it disappoint horribly? What does it say about the "All-Star" line?

The Basement Tapes - 8/23

Tue, August 23rd, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Joe asks the question, "...are we at that point where new creators have to be great right out of the gate?" And off Matt and Joe go, looking at whether the comics indusrty actually nurtures new talent these days.

The Basement Tapes - 8/16

Tue, August 16th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Joe & Matt sit down to talk writing superheroes. They get down into it, taking a look at the recent trend where the hero of the story is more passive than active and how some of what we forgive in comics writing would never be allowed in novels, television or film.

The Basement Tapes - 8/09

Tue, August 9th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Joe & Matt continue their conversation from last week, asking when retailers are essentially treated by publishers as fans, where does it leave the retailers? What's the long term outlook for their businesses? What can they do to grow and ensure longevity?

The Basement Tapes - 8/02

Tue, August 2nd, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Following up on their column about hype, Joe & Matt salute those retailers who have to sort through all that hype to place their orders. But how can publishers help retailers more in this information overload era where publishers hold back as much as they can?

The Basement Tapes - 7/27

Wed, July 27th, 2005 | Category: Comic Books

Matt interviews Joe about his new Image book out this week called GDLAND. What's it all about and what's Joe doing differently with this book that he hasn't done in ages? What's behind the making of this book? Joe shares all, plus new preview pages.