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Comic Studies: Dave Sim and Seth

Tue, December 13th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Laura Sneddon returns to wrap her first semester of Comic Studies, taking a look at the very different works of Seth and Dave Sim in "It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken" and "Cerebus."

Comic Studies: Metafiction meets Autobiography

Mon, November 28th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

With the end of the semester in sight, Laura Sneddon returns to discuss her latest class assignment, reading the metafictional, autobiographical work of Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore in "The Birth Caul" and "Alec."

Comic Studies: Autobiographical Comics and Trauma

Mon, November 21st, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

For this week's Comic Studies class, Laura Sneddon read and weighs in on the autobiographical "Epileptic" and "Stitches," coming away with very different feelings for both works.

Comic Studies: R. Crumb & Aline Kominsky

Mon, November 14th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Laura Sneddon's Comic Studies course continues, this week looking at the work and misogynistic tendencies of R. Crumb as well as the comix created by his wife, cartoonist Aline Kominsky.

Comic Studies: Documentary Comics

Mon, November 7th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Laura Sneddon's Comic Studies classes continue with a look at Documentary Comics, with Laura reading and reacting to Joe Sacco's "Palestine" and "Safe Area Goražde" in very different ways.

Comic Studies: Dundee Comics Day

Wed, November 2nd, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Laura Sneddon takes a break from her Comic Studies course to attend Dundee Comics Day, featuring talks, advice and anecdotes by Frank Quitely, Cam Kennedy, John Wagner and more!

Comic Studies: Wartime Autobiographix

Mon, October 31st, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

For its Autobiographix: Comics and History portion, Laura Sneddon's Comic Studies class read and discussed "Barefoot Gen," "Maus" and "In the Shadow of No Towers," three different reactions to war and violence.

Comic Studies: Frank Quitely on "Multiversity," We3," Alan Moore & More

Wed, October 26th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Frank Quitely spoke at Laura Sneddon's Comic Studies course, bringing with him insight into the artistic process, anecdotes from his career and art from and commentary on his chapter of Grant Morrison's "Multiversity."

Comic Studies: "Persepolis" and "Fun Home"

Mon, October 24th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

Laura Sneddon's third week of Comic Studies focused on two very different Autobiographix by female creators in Marjane Satrapi's "Persepolis" and Alison Bechdel's "Fun Home."

Comic Studies: Pekar and Autobio Comix

Tue, October 11th, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

This week, Laura Sneddon recounts her Comic Studies' graduate class' experience with autobiographical comix, focusing heavily on the master: Harvey Pekar.

An Introduction to Comic Studies

Mon, October 3rd, 2011 | Category: Comic Books

CBR welcomes writer Laura Sneddon as we present the first installment of her column detailing lessons learned as she attends the University of Dundee's postgraduate degree course in Comic Studies.