Green Lantern


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Green Lantern

Hal Jordan: test pilot, airman, space cop, a man who knows no fear. Chosen from all the Earth to represent mankind in the most powerful police force the galaxy has ever known: the Green Lantern Corps. To quote Robin from "The Batman" episode "Ring Toss" (December 2007): "Wow! Even your secret identity is cool!"

Hal Jordan made his first appearance in "Showcase" #22 (October 1959), a creation of John Broome and Gil Kane. This iteration of the Green Lantern was part of the Silver Age model of updating Golden Age characters for a modern audience, and while (like many Golden Age characters) the original Green Lantern gained his powers through mysticism and magic, the new Green Lantern was pure science fiction.

Abin Sur, an alien member of the Green Lantern Corps, crashes on Earth. Using his power ring's ability to turn light into tangible objects, he brings Hal Jordan to his side. There, Abin Sur reveals that he is dying and passes on his ring and the duty of protecting space sector 2814. It doesn't take long before Hal discovers that he is not alone, and encounters of members of the Green Lantern Corps. He finally reaches the planet Oa, homeworld of the Guardians of the Universe. The Guardians are an ancient race of beings that formed the Corps to protect the Galaxy, dividing it up into 1600 pie-shaped sectors of space, each terminating on Oa, the home of the central power battery which powers the rings worn by the corpsmen. Each Green Lantern, chosen for his superior willpower and ability to overcome great fear , controls the ring by pure will, shaping the emerald light into anything they can imagine. The only drawbacks to this ultimate weapon are that it must be recharged when depleted and a vulnerability to the color yellow. The yellow vulnerability is a story in itself, but is best explained as it always has been, that the weakness is due to a "necessary impurity in the ring."

Over the years, Hal's comic book fortunes have risen and fallen, his sales have gone from the highest highs to the lowest lows. Recently, under the authorship of wunderkind Geoff Johns, "The Green Lantern" has become a critical and marketing success. With a feature film in the future and starring appearances across the DC Universe, Hal Jordan's future is bright as the brightest day. - Brian Eason