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Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr's “Kick Ass” #1 was published February, 2008 under Marvel Comics’ Icon imprint and caught the industry by storm with its fresh approach and irreverent story-telling. “Kick Ass” tells the story of Dave Lizewski, a New York City high-schooler raised by a single parent. If it sounds like the set-up for Spider-Man, you're on the right track. If you're expecting a radioactive spider and 1960s angst, you're way off base; this isn't your grandfather's super-hero.

Daniel, a comic book fan, decides to live the dream, dressing up in a home-made costume and wearing it under his clothes just like a super-hero, which he uses to exercise and practice roof-top navigation. In every other spandex comic, this might have been the path to greatness, but all great heroes need tragedy – but what happens next was not what any of us were expecting.

Daniel, donning his costume, finds some muggers to battle and ends up stabbed, beaten, and hit by a car! In the aftermath, he ditches his costume and leaves before help arrives. At home he tells his father he was mugged and goes into the hospital for a series of operations and physical therapy. This might be all the lesson anyone would need in the hazards of crime fighting, but as soon as Daniel is on his feet, he returns to the streets. When Daniel saves a man from a mugging and the scene is caught on video and then promptly uploaded to the internet, Daniel is christened “Kick Ass” and becomes a media sensation.

Where’s the teen-aged angst? Well, have no fear, in the finest traditions of high-school heroes, “Kick Ass” has plenty, as Daniel’s constant bruises start rumors that he is a gay prostitute, the girl he is in love with decides he’s a great best-gay-friend, and his father gives him a can of mace to defend himself from his frequent muggings! None of this will deter our hero, as Kick Ass opens a MySpace account and begins fielding requests for super-heroics. It’s one such request that leads him to encounter Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, a father and daughter pair of vigilantes that targets the mob. While Daniel is a rookie at super-heroics, this dynamic duo are a lethal combination that really strike fear into the hearts of evil-doers.

While we’d love to tell you what comes next, we’d hate to spoil the plot of Lionsgate’s “Kick Ass” film which lands in theaters March 12th 2010 with Nicholas Cage as Big Daddy, Chloe Moretz as Hit-Girl, Aaron Johnson as Kick Ass and directed by Matthew Vaughn! - Brian Eason