Wonder Woman


EXCL. PREVIEW: Wonder Woman Goes Undercover in "Sensation Comics" #29

Wed, March 18th
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Wonder Woman helps a friend by masquerading as a pop star's trainer in DC's digital first "Sensation Comics" #29 by Sara Ryan & Christian Duce.

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Tue, December 30th
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Wonder Woman

Standing alongside Superman and Batman as the third member of DC Comics' trinity of flagship characters, Wonder Woman is by far the most popular and well known female superhero in comics today. Created in 1941 by Dr. William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G. Peter, the character's roots stretch back to the original superheroes - the Greek Gods - and the tribe of female warriors known as the Amazons. Originally created as an answer to the male-dominated superheroes of comics of the time, Marston portrayed Wonder Woman as a statuesque titan, capable of besting hr "equals" through a mixture of superior physical skill as well as mental acumen. As the emissary from the perfect females-only island paradise of Themiscrya to the modern world of Man, Wonder Woman has fought everything from World War 2 dictators and spies to supervillains, superheroes and even her own Amazonian sisters. At many times, the character's roots in Greek mythology have proved to be fertile ground for adventures and antagonists, with the war god Ares being chief amongst those.

Over the course of her nearly seventy years, Wonder Woman has been the subject of numerous creative directions, both in and out of comics. At times, she's taken up the human identity of Diana Prince in order to learn more about mankind, even going so far as to renounce her powers for a brief period in order to better understand humans. In the mid 1970s, Lynda Carter portrayed the Amazonian princess warrior in a television series which popularized Wonder Woman to the world-at-large. Indeed, the character's television series remains fondly remembered by fans and Hollywood alike, with DC and Warner Bros. attempting numerous times over the last decade to get her to the silver screen. Wonder Woman was also a core character on the long-running "Justice League" animated series based, as well as the titular star of one of Warner Animation's direct to DVD animated movies.

Wonder Woman has superhuman powers akin to her frequent teammate Superman, as well as the hand-to-hand combat skills of Batman. She frequently utilizes a golden rope called The Lasso of Truth, a lariat magically imbued with the ability to make those bound with it unable to lie, as well as a set of indestructible bracelets. As one of the founding members of DC's flagship superhero team the Justice League of America, Wonder Woman remains consistently at the center of DC's universe and its events. - Chris Arrant