Site Credits

Wed, June 26th, 2013 at 6:54pm PST | Updated: February 19th, 2015 at 12:03pm

Here's a brief look at the folks who put together the new CBR, launched April 1st, 2008.

Jonah Weiland
Executive Producer/Owner CBR

Jonah oversaw the building of the new site, managing the team below that did all the real, hard work.

Matt Brett
Lead Designer

Matt is an accomplished designer with a very forward thinking and edgy design sense. The design process began by creating wireframes to help create the layout of the new site, then came the long process of physically desigining and executive the pages, taking the mock ups he made and building them out using the latest XHTML and CSS.

Rob Worley
Lead Developer

Rob joined the staff as our full time developer in January of 2013, helping to push forward numerous new technological changes including a redesign of CBR's content management system, the development of new polling software, our service and much.

Jim MacQuarrie
Designer, CBR

While Jim didn't take part in the current design of the Web site, he deserves a mention here as he handles all of CBR's print work, did the primary design work on the previous version of this Web site and was also the creator of the CBR logo, one of the strongest looking logos in all of comics. In use since 1999, the logo has remained unchanged except for some Photoshop enhancements.

Christopher J. Hicks
Designer, CBR Icons

The little graphical icons you see throughout CBR were all designed by the immensely talented Chris Hicks. His icons help bring much needed attitude and fun to the site. Need proof? Check out the CBR Columns page.

Frank Beaton
Former Lead Developer

It was up to Frank to take Matt's final designs and bring them to life, building a dynamically generated Web site using PHP and MySQL as its back end. Frank built a custom content management system from the ground up, a massive undertaking, while also having to keep in mind the need to port over 15,000 news articles and columns from the previous version of this Web site.