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VIDEO: DC Super-Heroes - The Ultimate Pop-Up Book

VIDEO: DC Super-Heroes - The Ultimate Pop-Up Book

Little, Brown and Co. have given CBR News an exclusive look at the Wonder Woman-themed trailer for their upcoming "DC Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book."

SPINOFF: Work Begins on

SPINOFF: Work Begins on "300" Prequel "Xerxes"

SPINOFF ONLINE reports that "300" director Zack Snyder has begun work on the prequel "Xerxes," based on a forthcoming comic book also created by Frank Miller. Click here for all the details.

CCI: Gillen Talks

CCI: Gillen Talks "CBGB: The Comic Book"

In this inaugural edition of a new regular feature, "CBGB" writer Sam Humphries interviews fellow writer Kieron Gillen about his contribution to the BOOM! anthology inspired by the legendary rock club.


SPINOFF: "Walking Dead" Cast Portraits

In the wind-up to Comic-Con International, AMC’s released more imagery from "The Walking Dead," the new television series based on the popular Image Comics title by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, and SPINOFF's got 'em!

Grevioux & Long Mutate

Grevioux & Long Mutate "Wetworks"

The writers of the upcoming "Wetworks: Mutations" one-shot talk with CBR News about establishing a new status quo for the classic WildStorm team and what makes them perfect fit in the dark and dangerous WildStorm Universe.


VIDEO: "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" Game Preview

CBR TV brings you a fun look at the forthcoming videogame based on "Batman: The Brave and the Bold", where players team-up to fight crime with friends as Batman or one of his powerful allies.

Marvel Unveils Another Image From

Marvel Unveils Another Image From "Thor"

Marvel Studios heads full steam into Comic-Con 2010 with the release of yet another official image from "Thor." This time it's of a drenched Chris Hemsworth wielding the mighty hammer Mjolnir!



In this installment of TOTAL RECHARGE, CBR News' monthly look at Space Sector 2814 of the DCU, Doug Mahnke shared his thoughts on "Green Lantern," admitting that he loves drawing the ultimate badass, Sinestro.

PREVIEWS: New Comics on Sale 7/21/2010

PREVIEWS: New Comics on Sale 7/21/2010

It's New Comics Day in the States, and CBR has almost seventy previews of new titles on sale today from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite and more!

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Brooklyn store Rocketship reopens! Retailers' views of Comic-Con! Interviews with Bryan Lee O'Malley, Jim Steranko, Mike Mignola, Yoshitaka Amano and others! Summer reading! A spotlight on "B.P.R.D."! Plus much more!

Batman 3, Thor, The Boys: July 21st Comic Reel

Batman 3, Thor, The Boys: July 21st Comic Reel

"Batman" to go all IMAX? "Thor" takes a swing with Mjolnir? Simon Pegg to play "The Boys'" own Wee Hughie? Also, Edgar Wright discussed adapting "Scott Pilgrim," Marvel posters and more.

Piecing Together Comic-Con 2010

Piecing Together Comic-Con 2010

CBR News brings you a first look off the floor of Comic-Con International 2010, from the Thor-ific Marvel booth still under construction to the comic-meets-TV display for "The Walking Dead" and more.

PREVIEWS: DC Comics On Sale July 21, 2010

PREVIEWS: DC Comics On Sale July 21, 2010

Courtesy of DC, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale this week including new issues of "Azrael," "Batman Beyond," "Legion of Super-Heroes" and "Supergirl."

Marvel Releases

Marvel Releases "Thor," Captain America" Movie Promo Posters

Marvel Comics has released a look at the promotional posters for "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger" that the publisher will be giving away this week at Comic-Con International.

X-POSITION: Victor Gischler

X-POSITION: Victor Gischler

"X-Men" and "Deadpool Corps" writer Victor Gischler joins CBR for the latest X-POSITION, answering your questions about the coming vampire infestation throughout the Marvel universe and what it means for mutantkind.

PRESS RELEASE: CBLDF Launches New Education & Outreach Initiative at Comic-Con

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Unveils Comic-Con International Signing Schedule

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Takes Over The Palm for Comic-Con International

PRESS RELEASE: "Scratch9" to Debut at Comic-Con

PRESS RELEASE: Abrams and Abrams ComicArts at San Diego Comic-Con

PRESS RELEASE: New Titan Books Website Launches

PRESS RELEASE: Titan Books Announces SDCC 2010 Plans

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Announces San Diego Comic-Con Signing and Appearance Schedule

360 Degree

360 Degree "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" Screenshots Released

Activision has released a pair of new 3D, 360 degree screenshots from their upcoming "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" game featuring Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man Noir.



Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of Ted McKeever's "Meta-4" #2. Written and illustrated by McKeever, the second issue of the five-part miniseries hits stores tomorrow, July 21.

PRESS RELEASE: Bruce Greenwood, Thomas Jane, Corey Feldman, Kevin Smith headline Warner Home Video presence at Comic-Con International

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Expands the Comics For Comics Program

Crilley Launches

Crilley Launches "Brody's Ghost"

Mark Crilley spoke with CBR about "Brody's Ghost," his latest series of graphic novels from Dark Horse Comics starring a reluctant hero prodded into action by a particularly insistent young - and deceased - lady.

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse to Give First Look at "Mass Effect: Evolution" at Comic-Con

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow Reveals Comic-Con International 2010 Signing Schedule

PRESS RELEASE: "Lady Death" Returns with Free Premiere Comic Book from Boundless

Exploring The Afterlife In TenNapel's

Exploring The Afterlife In TenNapel's "Ghostopolis"

Doug TenNapel, the creator of Earthworm Jim, "Creature Tech" and more, spoke with CBR News about his new graphic novel, "Ghostopolis," which explores an afterlife unlike any readers have seen before.

Talking Comics With Jeff Lemire

Talking Comics With Jeff Lemire

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea spoke with Jeff Lemire about his plans while working on DC Comics' Atom and Superboy, the future of "Sweet Tooth," his writing and plotting techniques and much more.

Spencer Takes

Spencer Takes "Action" with Jimmy Olsen

Writer Nick Spencer spoke with CBR News about his upcoming "Action Comics" co-feature starring Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen, and his plans to send the cub reporter across the galaxy and through time.

Powell On

Powell On "Billy the Kid’s Old-Timey Oddities"

Return to the Wild West as only Eric Powell could imagine it in "Billy the Kid’s Old-Timey Oddities," following the adventures of the infamous outlaw and a band of circus freaks in "The Ghastly Fiend of London."

The Walking Dead, Earp, Ant Man: July 20th Comic Reel

The Walking Dead, Earp, Ant Man: July 20th Comic Reel

First set video of "The Walking Dead!" Sam Raimi to direct "Earp: Saints for Sinners!" Adrian Brody as "Ant Man!?" Also, first footage of animated "The Goon" arrives, "Thor" at CCI and more.

Green Hornet Discovers

Green Hornet Discovers "Blood Ties" In October

Dynamite Entertainment has announced a new Green Hornet series debuting in October. "Green Hornet: Blood Ties" is a prequel to Kevin Smith's series to be written by Ande Parks with art by Johnny Desjardins.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Invincible Iron Man" #29

Marvel Comics has released an advance preview of "Invincible Iron Man" #29, written by Matt Fraction with art and covers by Salvador Larocca. The issue hits stores Wednesday, August 11.

Last Week's Comics Reviewed

Last Week's Comics Reviewed

Last week, CBR's reviewers looked at nearly two dozen new titles including "The Sixth Gun" #2, "Gorilla-Man" #1, "Booster Gold" #34, "Batgirl" #12, "X-Men: Second Coming" #2 "The Thanos Imperative" #2 and more!

DC Hints At Possible

DC Hints At Possible "Brightest Day" Futures

DC Comics has released a teaser image featuring the main protagonists of the current "Brightest Day" series acting out various potential futures, including Hal Jordan as a White Lantern, a dead Aquaman and more.