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CCI: Dark Horse Horror Comics

CCI: Dark Horse Horror Comics

Dark Horse Comics brought terror to San Diego once again with the popular creators of the publisher's horror titles helming a Comic-Con panel featuring news, insights into their work and an audience Q&A session.


REVIEW: "The Flash" #4

Greg McElhatton reviewed the newest issue of "The Flash" by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul and gave the book 4 stars saying "this issue is my favorite one so far...Johns and Manapul are 'The Flash' dream team."

Van Lente Is A Stern

Van Lente Is A Stern "Taskmaster"

CBR News spoke with writer Fred Van Lente about "Taskmaster," his and artist Jefte Paolo's new miniseries that finds the title character under fire from old allies and on a desperate quest to discover his origins.

Thor, Cowboys & Aliens, Crosshair: July 29th Comic Reel

Thor, Cowboys & Aliens, Crosshair: July 29th Comic Reel

"Thor" footage explodes onto the web! "Cowboys" director discusses tone. "Crosshair" to be a motion picture. Also, Chris Evans talks "Captain America," the "Blue Beetle" test film and more.

CCI: Marvel Interactive Panel

CCI: Marvel Interactive Panel

Marvel Studios highlighted key features and gameplay elements of their upcoming slate of licensed games including "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions," "Marvel vs. Capcom 3," "Little Big Planet and many more.


PREVIEW: "Red Robin" #15

DC Comics has released a 5-page preview for "Red Robin" #15 written by Fabian Nicieza with interior and cover art by Marcus To and Ray McCarthy. The issue takes flight next Wednesday, August 4.


SPINOFF: "Thor" Comic-Con Trailer Leaks

The extended Comic-Con International trailer for Marvel Studios' Kenneth Branagh-directed "Thor" has found its way online, laying out the movie’s plot, showing the Destroyer in action and more. SPINOFF has details.

CCI: IDW's Hasbro Panel

CCI: IDW's Hasbro Panel

IDW creators sat down with fans during the publisher's Hasbro-themed panel at Comic-Con International to discuss what's coming up next in the worlds of Transformers, G.I.Joe and Dungeons & Dragons comic series.

CCI: Cast, Crew Talk

CCI: Cast, Crew Talk "Tron: Legacy"

The cast and crew of Disney’s "Tron: Legacy" assembled at for a press conference at Comic-Con International where together, they discussed the original film, updating the look for the sequel and the legacy of Tron.

CBR TV @ CCI 2010: Grant Morrison

CBR TV @ CCI 2010: Grant Morrison

Comics superstar Grant Morrison spoke with CBR TV during CCI about DC Comics' just announced "Batman, Inc." comic, his two year plan for the series, Damian Wayne's role as Robin, Grant's movie "Sinatoro" and much more.

SPINOFF: Why Isn’t Ant-Man In

SPINOFF: Why Isn’t Ant-Man In "Avengers?"

Despite months of persistent rumors, most centering on actor Nathan Fillion, CCI attendees learned over the weekend that Ant-Man won’t appear in The Avengers. But why? SPINOFF sorts through the details.

Gale Anne Hurd Produces

Gale Anne Hurd Produces "The Walking Dead"

CBR News spoke with veteran Hollywood producer Gale Anne Hurd during Comic-Con International about her work on "The Walking Dead," the origins of the AMC series and the level of violence featured on the show.


CCI: "V" Pits Humans Vs. Aliens Vs. Humans

Following his panel at CCI, producer and writer Scott Rosenbaum promised fans new sides to the conflict in "V," along with the introduction of new characters to complicate matters for Anna, Erica and everyone else.

DeFilippis, Weir & Vieceli On

DeFilippis, Weir & Vieceli On "Avalon Chronicles"

Writers Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir spoke with us about their just-announced book from Oni Press, "All Saints Day," as well as their re-imagined "Once Upon A Blue Moon" with new artist, Emma Vieceli

CCI: Zack & Deborah Snyder's

CCI: Zack & Deborah Snyder's "Sucker Punch"

"Sucker Punch" director Zack Snyder and producing partner Deborah sat down with CBR News to discuss the new film, "Watchmen," "Xerxes" and a hint at projects further down the road.

CCI: Robert Kirkman

CCI: Robert Kirkman

The popular Image partner took to the stage at Comic-Con to talk about his new Skybound imprint, the future of "Invincible" and much discussion about the highly anticipated "The Walking Dead" television series.

PRESS RELEASE: Five Cover Artists on 'Days Missing: Kestus' Announced


CCI: "Glee" Returns To San Diego

The cast and producers of FOX’s hit show "Glee" made their triumphant return to CCI to discuss season two, which will include tributes to Britney Spears and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and a boyfriend for Kurt.

CCI: Mat Broome Is CreatorSafe

CCI: Mat Broome Is CreatorSafe

CBR News spoke with designer and artist Mat Broome about his new online channel and social network, CreatorSafe, which will feature exclusive content from him and many others in comics, film, television and more.

"Blue Beetle" Live Action Footage Hits Web

After a repeat airing at last weekend's Comic-Con International, the Geoff Johns produced test footage for a proposed "Blue Beetle" live action show has popped up online in full.



Marvel Comics has released an advance preview of "Hulk" #24, the final chapter in the ling-running "World War Hulks" saga, written by Jeph Loeb and featuring art and cover by Ed McGuinness. The war concludes August 18!

CCI: Lopresti Monster Mashes on

CCI: Lopresti Monster Mashes on "Weird Worlds"

In this exclusive first interview about "Weird Worlds," Aaron Lopresti discussed his Garbage Man feature, explaining that while Swamp Thing won't be appearing in the monster book, a certain Dark Knight may.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors"

DC Comics has released an advance look at "Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors" #1, Peter J. Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin's August 11 debuting title featuring Guy Gardner, Atrocitus and more!

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Friends of Lulu could "officially dissolve" by September! Preview Night passes already sold out for Comic-Con 2011? Cartoonist John Callahan passes away. Brooklyn retailer Rocketship closes for good today! Plus more!

X-Men: First Class, The Avengers, The Unknowns: July 27th Comic Reel

X-Men: First Class, The Avengers, The Unknowns: July 27th Comic Reel

A Twilight vampire reports to "First Class", a "Desperate" housewife flattered by "Avengers" rumor, an "Unknown" comic intrigues Brett Ratner, a "Superman" star wants to return and more.


VIDEO: "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" Trailer

Marvel Animation has released the first full trailer for "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes," the new animated series featuring Hulk, Captain America, Thor and more debuting on Disney XD in Fall 2010.

CCI: Kevin Smith

CCI: Kevin Smith

The ribald and always hilarious Kevin Smith returned to San Diego this year, leading to many fans ignoring tired feet and dinner in order to see his ever popular one man show discussing sex, plane rides and more.

PREVIEWS: New Comics on Sale 7/28/2010

PREVIEWS: New Comics on Sale 7/28/2010

It's New Comics Day in the States, and CBR has forty previews of new titles on sale today from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image Comics, BOOM! Studios, Top Cow Productions and more!

PRESS RELEASE: Khan Returns in IDW "Star Trek" Comic

PRESS RELEASE: "The Rocketeer" Soars Again

PRESS RELEASE: The Return of John Byrne's "Next Men"

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics Brings China's Best-Selling "Daomu" Series to the U.S.

PRESS RELEASE: Wes Craven to Create Original Graphic Novel

PRESS RELEASE: "Detective" #27 to Bring $400,000 in Heritage Auction

CCI: Cast & Crew Talk

CCI: Cast & Crew Talk "Green Lantern" Movie

Following their appearance at Comic-Con International, the cast and crew of "Green Lantern" spoke with CBR News. They discussed their characters, director Martin Campbell and the GL uniform.

DC Previews:

DC Previews: "Detective," "Flash" & "Gotham City Sirens"

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR brings you two exclusive previews of "Detective Comics" #867" and "Gotham City Sirens" #14 plus an advance look at "The Flash" #4.

CBR TV @ CCI 2010: Brian Michael Bendis on Returning to Comic-Con International

CBR TV @ CCI 2010: Brian Michael Bendis on Returning to Comic-Con International

Comics superstar Brian Michael Bendis spoke with CBR TV about his return to Comic-Con International, the early days hawking "Jinx" at the show, the status of "Powers" on FX, how he envisions the show and much more.

Emma Bell Encounters

Emma Bell Encounters "The Walking Dead"

"Frozen" actress Emma Bell spoke with CBR News at Comic-Con International about playing Amy in the AMC television adaptation of Robert Kirkman's survival horror comic book series, "The Walking Dead."

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow & Collector's Paradise Celebrate Release of "Artifacts" #1

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Joe Harris Gets

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Joe Harris Gets "Spontaneous"

Writer Joe Harris ("Ghost Projekt") spoke with CBR News about "Spontaneous," his new Oni Press miniseries with artist Brett Weldele about one man's quest to prove spontaneous human combustion exists.