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NYCC: Beechen Takes Batman

NYCC: Beechen Takes Batman "Beyond"

With the continuing adventures of future Dark Knight Terry McGinnis officially on the slate for January, the writer behind the hit mini, Adam Beechen, explained his plans for expanding the world of "Batman Beyond."

Batman 3, Captain America, Tamara Drewe: Oct 7th Comic Reel

Batman 3, Captain America, Tamara Drewe: Oct 7th Comic Reel

"Batman 3" to begin shooting in April? In New Orleans? Dominic Cooper on playing Howard Stark. Gemma Arterton on playing "Tamara Drewe." Also, "Green Lantern" website secrets and more.

SPINOFF: Moretz & Reeves on

SPINOFF: Moretz & Reeves on "Let Me In"

SPINOFF spoke with Matt Reeves and Chloe Moretz, the director and star of "Let Me In," about their creative process, the difficulties of adapting the Swedish novel for an American audience and much more.

VIDEO: The Doom Patrol Visits

VIDEO: The Doom Patrol Visits "Batman: B&tB"

Cartoon Network and DC Entertainment have released screengrabs, video clips and a synopsis for the "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" episode titled "The Last Patrol" co-starring the Doom Patrol.

Activision Teases

Activision Teases "X-Men: Destiny" at NYCC

Activision and Marvel Entertainment have announced "X-Men: Destiny," a new video game scripted by "X-Men: Legacy" writer Mike Carey to be released on consoles in fall of 2011.


PREVIEW: "Teen Titans" #88

DC Comics has released a preview for "Teen Titans" #88, the debut issue of the new creative team of J.T Krul and Nicola Scott with covers by Scott and Adam Hughes. The new era of Titans begins Wednesday, October 27.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "New Avengers" #5

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "New Avengers" #5 from the creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen. It's a mystical Clobberin' Time next Wednesday, October 13.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics Announces NYCC Plans

"Batman Beyond" Lands Ongoing Series

DC Comics has announced the current "Batman Beyond" miniseries by writer Adam Beechan and artist Ryan Benjamin will be relaunched in January as an ongoing series by the same creative team. ROBOT 6 has details.

X-POSITION: Rick Remender

X-POSITION: Rick Remender

The writer of Marvel's "Uncanny X-Force," Rick Remender, swings by to answer your emails just as this new series arrives in shops today. Come join the fortuitous experience and see exclusive art from issue #2!

Ryan Sparks a

Ryan Sparks a "War of the independents"

Cartoonist Dave Ryan spoke with CBR News about his long in development project, "War of the Independents," a self-funded series which embroils indie comics characters in their own universe-spanning, epic event.


VIDEO: New "Walking Dead" Commercial

AMC has released a new 30 second commercial spot for the live-action adaptation of the acclaimed zombie comic series featuring a few new scenes sure to whet the appetite of fans who have been clamoring for the show.

Willis & Urban Walk the

Willis & Urban Walk the "RED" Carpet

"RED" co-stars Bruce Willis and Karl Urban spoke about working together on the Summit Entertainment adaptation of the DC Comics title, the ambitiousness of the film and filming a rather painful fight scene.

Keeping The Character of

Keeping The Character of "The Boys"

Garth Ennis and artist Russ Braun told CBR how the clash of emotions between Wee Hughie and Annie January take priority in the "Believe" arc before the history of The Boys and the Seven shapes up next month.


REVIEW: "Ryder On The Storm" #1

CBR reviewer Ryan K. Lindsay gave Radical's "Ryder On The Storm" #1 a 4.5-star review, calling writer David Hine and artist Wayne Nichol's creation a comic that is "smart, fast, haunting, and damn well created."

Comic Book Legends Revealed - Addendum!

Comic Book Legends Revealed - Addendum!

In this update to a pair of CBLRs, see the odd way Superboy and Supergirl were once written out of the Legion and see J.M. DeMatteis' dramatically different original ending to Marvel's "Star Wars" #46!

Azzarello & Lee Launch

Azzarello & Lee Launch "Batman: Europa"

A brand-new four-issue Dark Knight series from Brian Azzarello arrives this January taking Batman on a life-threatening team-up with the Joker across Europe, and Jim Lee will be there to draw chapter one.

Darwyn Cooke Nails

Darwyn Cooke Nails "The Outfit"

Eisner Award-winning creator Darwyn Cooke spoke with CBR about his latest Richard Stark adaptation, "The Outfit," why he feels Parker creator Donald Westlake would approve of the changes he made to the story and more.

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Help save Steve Rude's home! Could the "Scott Pilgrim" series become the top graphic-novel property of the year? How will digital comics change comics culture? Plus, how do retailers feel about ... Comic Book Guy?

Jimmy Palmiotti Is His Own Man

Jimmy Palmiotti Is His Own Man

Writer/artist Jimmy Palmiotti spoke with ROBOT 6 about his current projects, the joys of being non-publisher exclusive, leaving the inking aspect of his career behind and how he wants his future to work out.

Spider-Man, Wolverine 2, Superman: Oct 6th Comic Reel

Spider-Man, Wolverine 2, Superman: Oct 6th Comic Reel

Emma Stone officially cast as Gwen Stacy! Darren Aronofsky in talks to direct "Wolverine 2"! Possible "Superman" story details emerge! Also, Idris Elba joins "Ghost Rider 2," and more.

SEGA Announces

SEGA Announces "Captain America" Game

SEGA will team with Marvel Entertainment to bring the adventures of "Captain America: The First Avenger" to video game consoles. The game, set for an early 2011 release, will feature an original story by Christos Gage.

PREVIEW: "Batman: Hidden Treasures"

DC Comics has released a preview of "Batman: Hidden Treasures" featuring stories by Ron Marz and Len Wein with art by Bernie Wrightson and Kevin Nowlan and a cover by Wrightson. The one-shot hits stores today.

PREVIEWS: New Comics on Sale 10/6/2010

PREVIEWS: New Comics on Sale 10/6/2010

It's New Comics Day in the States, and CBR has more than 70 previews of new titles on sale today from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image Comics, Top Cow, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite and more!

Aronofsky to Take on

Aronofsky to Take on "Wolverine 2"

Director Darren Aronofsky of "Pi" and "The Fountain" has reportedly begun talks to direct the sequel to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". The film will reportedly be set in Japan and adapt the Claremont/Miller miniseries.

PRESS RELEASE: CBLDF Celebrates "Liberty Annual" with NYCC Welcome Party

OFFICIAL: Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy

OFFICIAL: Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy

Emma Stone has been cast as the female lead in the upcoming "Spider-Man" film from Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios. She'll star opposite Andrew Garfield in the Marc Webb-directed film.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Collects "Tank Girl" One-shots in December

PRESS RELEASE: Image Collects Rian Hughes' Groundbreaking "On the Line" Newspaper Strip

PRESS RELEASE: Arcana Acquires Devil's Due Titles


Feldman's "No Ordinary Family"

The co-creator of the new hit ABC series Jon Feldman spoke exclusively with CBR about the show's origins, the casting of Michael Chiklis, the advantages and pitfalls of having superpowers and the series' future direction.

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow Previews "First Look" Trade Paperback


VIDEO: New "DCU Online" Footage Highlights Metropolis

Sony and DC Comics have released two new videos from their hotly anticipated "DC Universe Online" MMORPG, highlighting Superman's home of Metropolis and scenes of gameplay battles.

PRESS RELEASE: "Witchblade" #144 Includes Free Digital Download

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow Promotes Atom! Freeman to Director of Sales and Marketing


SPINOFF: Inside "TRON: Legacy"

Disney gathered a select group of journalists into a New York City theater to offer a look at 22 minutes of footage from the near-finished "TRON: Legacy," and SPINOFF was there to see it, spoilers and all.

Davis Visits

Davis Visits "Superman: Earth One"

In a story featuring more Clark than cape, DC Comics exclusive artist Shane Davis revealed what's in with the Man of Steel in his and writer JMS' new OGN, "Superman: Earth One," and why Lex Luthor is out.

CBR’s Plans for New York Comic Con 2010

CBR’s Plans for New York Comic Con 2010

CBR announces its plans for wall-to-wall coverage of this year's New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, with details on live reporting, blogging and CBR TV's "magical" tiki room.

PRESS RELEASE: Alex Cox Joins CBLDF as Development Manager

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Traveles to New York Comic Con