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PRESS RELEASE: CBLDF's Massive Comic-Con

PRESS RELEASE: Scarlet #1 Sells Out And Returns With Second Printing


REVIEW: "Batman: Under the Red Hood"

ROBOT 6's Chris Mautner has positively reviewed the new direct to DVD "Batman: Under The Red Hood" animated feature, calling the movie "an enjoyable, well-done superhero film...a solid bit of entertainment."

Kirkham Talks DC Exclusive and

Kirkham Talks DC Exclusive and "Green Lantern Corps"

Former Top Cow artist Tyler Kirkham shared his thoughts on his new exclusive deal with DC Comics and how epic his first arc on "Green Lantern Corps" with writer Tony Bedard will be.

CHEW ON THIS: Poyo And Comic-Con

CHEW ON THIS: Poyo And Comic-Con

Our monthly column with "Chew" writer John Layman continues with Layman rehashing "Chew" #12, detailing his Comic-Con plans and giving you a glimpse into the third installment of "Just Desserts," out next month.

Vertigo To Release Warren Ellis'

Vertigo To Release Warren Ellis' "Shoot"

The canceled issue of "Hellblazer" focusing on school shootings by Warren Ellis and Phil Jimenez will finally see release in what the publisher is branding a "Vertigo Resurrected" line of issues formerly kept off the market.

Full Clip, Radical Get

Full Clip, Radical Get "Damaged"

Sam Worthington and his Full Clip Productions partners, Michael and John Schwarz, spoke about their upcoming comic book, "Damaged" and their imprint deal with Radical to publish more comics and graphic novels.

Comic Book Legends Revealed!

Comic Book Legends Revealed!

Did the Red Scare turn a comic about a Little Joe into one about a Little Ike? What's the behind-the-scenes secret of Geo-Force and Terra! Plus, a decades-long story of the secret member of the original G.I. Joe team!

The Return Of

The Return Of "Dark Horse Presents"

Mike Richardson spoke about the return of the anthology that began it all, "Dark Horse Presents," which will feature stories by many "DHP" alumni. Plus, an exclusive look at new "Concrete" art by Paul Chadwick!

Aw Yeah: Baltazar & Franco Unite Tiny Titans & Little Archie

Aw Yeah: Baltazar & Franco Unite Tiny Titans & Little Archie

The Eisner-Award winning "Tiny Titans" crosses over with Archie Comics this October in a historic event uniting the two companies for the first time. Art Baltazar and Franco spoke with CBR about the news.

Brubaker Puts Captain America On Trial

Brubaker Puts Captain America On Trial

In the next arc for the Bucky Barnes-led era of "Captain America," the former Winter Soldier is forced to answer for his crimes under his Soviet masters, and Ed Brubaker gives CBR an early look inside the story.

PRESS RELEASE: SLG Publishing Announces Publishing Services Company

X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, Scott Pilgrim: July 16th Comic Reel

X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, Scott Pilgrim: July 16th Comic Reel

Mystique and mystery villain report for "First Class." Ryan Reynolds not injured on "Green Lantern" set? "Scott Pilgrim" a breakout star? Also, Morgan Freeman goes "Red" and more.

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Brooklyn's Rocketship closes! KCRW rebroadcasts "American Splendor" tonight! More on manga's anti-piracy efforts! "Axe Cop" heads to Dark Horse! A Neil Gaiman primer! Six "criminally underrated" crime comics! Plus more!

Kirkham Enlists At DC For

Kirkham Enlists At DC For "Green Lantern Corps"

The artist inks and exclusive deal with the publisher, kick-starting his DC career with a gig on "Green Lantern Corps" and a piece of a brand new "Untold Tales of The Black Lanterns" featuring faces familiar and unknown.



Marvel has released an advance look at "X-23" #1, written by Marjorie Liu and illustrated by Will Conrad with covers by Danni Shinya Luo, Marko Djurdjevic and Gabriele Dell'Otto. It slices into stores September 15.


SPINOFF: More "Green Lantern" Pics Hit The Web

Images from this week's "Entertainment Weekly" article on Comic-Con International and the "Green Lantern" flick have hit the internet, featuring Hal Jordan, Hector Hammond, Carol Ferris and more.

Andreyko and Reynolds Say

Andreyko and Reynolds Say "Let Me In"

Writer Marc Andreyko and artist Patric Reynolds spoke about "Let Me In: Crossroads," the December-shipping miniseries tying in with the film, fleshing out the lives of the eerie child vampire Abby and her caretaker.

Marvel Comics on Sale July 21, 2010

Marvel Comics on Sale July 21, 2010

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR presents an advance look at new comics on sale next Wednesday, July 21, including "Avengers" #3, "Deadpool" #25, "New Avengers" #2, "Thunderbolts" #146, "X-Factor" #207 and more.

Aspen Announces SDCC Schedule, Exclusives

Aspen Announces SDCC Schedule, Exclusives

Aspen Comics has released info on their exclusive offerings and schedule for next week's Comic-Con International in San Diego, along with exclusive images of their special edition covers by Joe Benitez.

Felicia Day's

Felicia Day's "The Guild" Plays Solo

Dark Horse has revealed exclusively to CBR that Felicia Day's "The Guild" is set for a new miniseries. We spoke with Day about her plans for "The Guild II," which will see each issue focus on a different Guild member.

PRESS RELEASE: Jim Shooter, Dennis Calero sign Doctor Solar at Midtown on Saturday

PRESS RELEASE: Sex, Droids & Rock 'n Roll - Lady Robotika/Meltdown SDCC Party

PRESS RELEASE: Harvey Pekar's "American Splendor" on KCRW - Friday Only!

PRESS RELEASE: Trion Worlds and Wildstorm Announce Comic-Con Exlusives


REVIEW: "Batman" #701

CBR's Greg McElhatton has given "Batman" #701 a 4 star review, calling the first half of "Batman: R.I.P.: The Missing Chapter" "easily the best pairing [Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel have] generated."

PRESS RELEASE: Meet Stan Lee at the Marvel Booth at San Diego Comic-Con

PRESS RELEASE: Your First Look at "The Thanos Imperative" #3

PRESS RELEASE: New Batton Lash Book at Comic-Con

PRESS RELEASE: Red Bull and Dark Horse Launch #notatcomiccon Campaign

PRESS RELEASE: Greater Zot! Johnny Hart's Second "B.C." Collection Solicited by Checker BPG

PRESS RELEASE: Joe R. Lansdale Takes on Literary Mash-Ups

PRESS RELEASE: IDW Announces Retail Marketing Director

PRESS RELEASE: Television Icons Appear Together in Exclusive Comic-Con Panel Saturday 7/24

PRESS RELEASE: "TURF" #2 Sold Out at Distribution Level, Image Comics Goes Back to Press

Kevin Bacon Is A

Kevin Bacon Is A "First Class" Mystery Villain

The Hollywood mainstay will step into the role of a Marvel supervillain for the Matthew Vaughn-directed "X-Men" prequel but which one remains unknown as Jennifer Lawrence morphs into a young Mystique.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Ultimate Comics Avengers 2" #5

Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of "Ultimate Comics Avengers 2" #5, from writer Mark Millar and artist Leinil Francis Yu. The issue hits stores Wednesday, July 21.

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse's CCI Signing Schedule

Sales Estimates for June, 2010

Sales Estimates for June, 2010

Inside you'll find the sales estimates for comics and trade paperbacks for June 2010 with "New Avengers" #1 and "Batman" #700 taking the first and second positions on the chart for Marvel and DC, respectively.

Miller Readies

Miller Readies "Batgirl" for Year Two

The man who launched Stephanie Brown's career as Batgirl, Bryan Q. Miller spoke about the end of the first year of the heroine's self-titled series and moving Batgirl out of Gotham and into the greater DCU.