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Green Lantern, Thor, Heroes, May 14th Comic Reel

Green Lantern, Thor, Heroes, May 14th Comic Reel

Ryan Reynolds suits up on the set of "Green Lantern." Chris Hemsworth talks a little about "Thor" and "Heroes" may not be dead after all. Also, a visit to the set of "Jonah Hex" and more.

Lemire Flies With

Lemire Flies With "Superboy"

DC's Teen of Steel is headed back to having his own ongoing series with the award-winning creator of "Essex County" along with artist Pier Gallo kicking things off in August's issue of "Action Comics."

Dark Horse Comics Solicitations for August, 2010

Dark Horse Comics Solicitations for August, 2010

Dark Horse Comics has released images and solicitation information for new comics on sale in August, 2010 including "Magnus: Robot Fighter" #1, "Buffy: Season Eight - Twilight," "Buzzard" #3 and much more.

Hexed: Josh Brolin

Hexed: Josh Brolin

The star of the outlandish adaptation of DC Comics' scarred-up bounty hunter spoke with CBR about earning his spurs in "Jonah Hex," how they'll update the Western and what friends he brought along for the ride.

Marvel Comics On Sale May 19, 2010

Marvel Comics On Sale May 19, 2010

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an advance look at new comics on sale next Wednesday, May 19, including "Atlas" #1, "Enter the Heroic Age" #1, "Invincible Iron Man" #26, "Marvelous Land of Oz" #6 and more.

PRESS RELEASE: "Dean Koontz's Frankenstein" Continues at Dynamite

PRESS RELEASE: A Reformed Killer Finds His Happy Place in Baltimore

Simone Unleashes

Simone Unleashes "Birds of Prey" 2.0

Gail Simone spoke with CBR News about the relaunch of "Birds of Prey" with Ed Benes, what adding Hawk to the team means to the team and which major Bat-villain joins the fray. Here's a hint: This bird can't fly.

Holy Pornography, Batman!

Holy Pornography, Batman!

Axel Braun, director of the send up of the '60s Batman TV show "Batman XXX: A Porn Parody" talked to CBR about how he plans on respecting comic fans with his film and why he's not worried about being sued by Warner Bros.

PRESS RELEASE: Namor Must Save the X-Men from the Curse of the Mutants

Leonard Nimoy Discusses

Leonard Nimoy Discusses "Fringe"

SPINOFF ONLINE spoke with Leonard Nimoy on the set of "Fringe" in Vancouver where the "Star Trek" actor discussed playing the shadowy William Bell, working with John Noble, his role in the season finale and much more.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Ultimate Comics Avengers 2" #2

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive 6-page preview of "Ultimate Comics Avengers 2" #2 from the creative team of Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu. The issue hits stores May 19.


REVIEW: "The Return of Bruce Wayne" #1

Morrison & Sprouse's "The Return of Bruce Wayne" #1 hit stores yesterday and Greg McElhatton gave it 4.5 stars saying "DC is smart to ship a second issue this month...I'm already itching for the next installment."

PRESS RELEASE: L.A. Banks' Hit "Vampire Huntress" Series Continues with Dynamite Entertainment

PRESS RELEASE: "The Super Hero Squad Show: Quest for the Infinity Sword" Volume 1 Arrives on DVD July 13, 2010 from Shout! Factory

PRESS RELEASE: Radical and Dogtown to Develop Interactive Games

Wallace Responds to Hero's Death in

Wallace Responds to Hero's Death in "Titans: Villains for Hire"

Eric Wallace's run on "Titans" kicked off with the "Villains for Hire" one-shot, featuring a new team of ne'er-do-wells led by Deathstroke. Things did not end well for the first hero the new Titans faced.

"Super Hero Squad Online" MMORPG Details Released

Marvel Studios and Gazillion Entertainment have released new information about their upcoming "Super Hero Squad Online" MMORPG, including screen grabs from the game's trailer.

PREVIEW: True Blood

PREVIEW: True Blood" #1

IDW has released a 6-page preview of "True Blood" #1, the highly anticipated comic book spin off of the hit HBO show due in stores this July written by series creator Alan Ball, David Tischman, Mariah Huehner and artist David Messina.

Meltzer Shares

Meltzer Shares "Heroes for My Son"

Fresh off his run on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8," New York Times bestselling writer Brad Meltzer spoke with CBR News about his new, very personal non-fiction project, "Heroes for My Son."

"Jonah Hex" - The CBR Set Visit

Director Jimmy Hayward and star Josh Brolin took CBR inside the set of their upcoming weird Western adaptation of the classic DC Comics anti-hero, explaining how they plan to upend the traditional Western genre.


REVIEW: "New Avengers Finale" #1

Chad Nevett gives the "New Avengers Finale" one-shot by Brian Michael Bendis and a score of artists including Bryan Hitch, Stuart Immonen and others 4.5 stars, saying "this giant finale issue seems appropriate and touching."

Hurwitz's Moon Knight Rises Over

Hurwitz's Moon Knight Rises Over "Shadowland"

Moon Knight desperately wants to be a hero, but Daredevil has other plans for him in August's "Shadowland: Moon Knight" where he'll put those plans into action. We spoke with Gregg Hurwitz about the miniseries.

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

More on Viz Media's restructuring! Views on the "Tintin" battle in Belgium! A dust-up over webcomics app! CBLDF looks at Supreme Court nominee! Brian Wood talks "DMZ" and New York City! Plus more!

Heroes, Human Target, No Oridinary Family: May 13th Comic Reel

Heroes, Human Target, No Oridinary Family: May 13th Comic Reel

It's TV Day at the Reel with "Heroes" nearing its end, "Human Target" dodging a bullet and Michael Chiklis returning to TV with "No Ordinary Family." Also, "Dredd" at Cannes and more.'s Digital Comics Open Standard Proposal's Digital Comics Open Standard Proposal

With digital comics representing a rapidly growing part of the marketplace, CEO Micah Baldwin calls for the ability for fans to share their purchases across platforms and a "Reader's Bill of Rights.


New "Shadowland" Teaser Released

Marvel Comics has just released a brand-new teaser image for the upcoming Daredevil-centric event "Shadowland" featuring the Man Without Fear in a new, darker costume flanked by his Hand minions.


PREVIEW" "Green Arrow" #1

DC Comics has released a preview for "Green Arrow" #1 by writer J.T. Krul and artist Diogenes Neves with a Mauro Cascioli cover. The new series launches everywhere on June 23, 2010.


PREVIEW: "Avengers" #1

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents a 7-page preview of "Avengers" #1 by the team of Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr. The new Heroic Age kicks off for the Earth's Mightiest Heroes next Wednesday, May 19.

Giffen & DeMatteis Go Back to the Future with

Giffen & DeMatteis Go Back to the Future with "Booster Gold "

Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis begin their highly anticipated run on "Booster Gold" this week with #32. We spoke to the fan favorite writing team about the character, the series, what to expect and more.

Hero Initiative: Steve Perry

Hero Initiative: Steve Perry

Steve Perry, the writer of "Thundercats," "Silverhawks," "Time Spirits" and more, discusses how the Hero Initiative helped him when he needed it the most and talks about how to best support the organization.

Looking For

Looking For "Darkness" On The Road To "Artifacts"

Ron Marz and Filip Sablik spoke with CBR News about Jackie Estacado, the wielder of the Darkness and one of the central figures in Top Cow's 13-issue "Artifacts" limited series launching this July.

Fox Brings Back

Fox Brings Back "Human Target" for Second Season

Fox has announced today that it has renewed the fledgling action series "Human Target" for a second season, putting to rest concern among fans that the show would not be returning next Fall.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "The Calling: Cthulu Chronicles" #1

Courtesy of BOOM! Studios, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "The Calling: Cthulu Chronicles" #1 by Michael Alan Nelson, Johanna Stokes & Christopher Possenti. It hits stores July 21.

Parker Uncages the Thunderbolts in

Parker Uncages the Thunderbolts in "Shadowland"

In September, Luke Cage dispatches the Thunderbolts to take on the forces of Daredevil and the Hand. We spoke with Jeff Parker about "Thunderbolts" #148-149, which tie into Marvel's "Shadowland."

PRESS RELEASE: Todd McFarlane to Attend Baltimore Comic-Con 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Paul Levitz will sign Legion of Superheroes #1 from at Midtown Comics

CBR TV @ C2E2: Mike Mignola

CBR TV @ C2E2: Mike Mignola

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola spoke with CBR TV about the growing challenge of keeping the Hellboy Universe continuity straight, Duncan Fegredo's Hellboy future, Mignola's return to Hellboy interior art and more.

Constructing the New

Constructing the New "King City"

"King City" writer and artist Brandon Graham and editor Troy Lewter spoke with CBR News about the series' new round of issues, switching formats and how else the book has changed since its original run in 2007.

Henderson Uncovers The

Henderson Uncovers The "Daughters Of The Shadow"

Writer Jason Henderson explores the darker side of the Daughters of the Shadow in a three-issue "Shadowland" miniseries featuring Colleen Wing taking control of the Hand's all-female hit squad The Nail.