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Paul Dini Joins

Paul Dini Joins "Ultimate Spider-Man"

The creative team for the incoming animated adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley's marquee Marvel Comics solidifies with another comics and cartoon veteran who's ready to rewrite the rulebook.


SPINOFF: "Avengers" Teaser Leaks...For Now

The animated logo teaser for Marvel’s "Avengers" movie shown at Comic-Con International has made its way online, courtesy of the production house that created it.

CCI: Thursday Photo Parade

CCI: Thursday Photo Parade

It's the return of CBR's annual Comic-Con International Photo Parade, featuring the sights and people that made this year's show such a success, from celebrities to comic book pros to cosplayers - CBR saw it all!

DAYBREAK: Francis Manapul Draws

DAYBREAK: Francis Manapul Draws "The Flash"

Francis Manapul joined DAYBREAK to talk about, "The Flash" while teasing two new projects he'll be working on with writer J.T. Krul, as well as telling how he got involved in Syfy's new TV series, "Beast Legends."

CCI: Ape Entertainment Spotlights Kizoic Titles

CCI: Ape Entertainment Spotlights Kizoic Titles

A dedicated crowd gathered at Comic-Con International to learn about Ape Entertainment’s all-ages Kizoic imprint and their deal to turn DreamWorks Animation titles into comics.

CCI: Phil Jimenez Spotlight

CCI: Phil Jimenez Spotlight

Phil Jimenez, current artist of "Astonishing X-Men," spoke with fans at Comic-Con International to spill how he really feels about the new Wonder Woman costume and reveal why he will never draw "The Avengers."

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Archaia Tells Henson's

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Archaia Tells Henson's "Tale of Sand"

Archaia and the Jim Henson Company unite to tell a never-before-seen story written over 40 years ago by Jim Henson himself. We spoke with Lisa Henson and Stephen Christy about the book.

Is The Black Panther Heading To

Is The Black Panther Heading To "Shadowland?"

The latest in Marvel's current series of "Shadowland" teasers hints at a possible Wakandan presence making himself known on the streets of New York City's seedier side with the Black Panther making a possible appearance.


CCI: "Chuck" Vs. Comic-Con

The creators and stars of "Chuck" spoke during Comic-Con International about the imminent arrival of Baby Awesome, the Buy More as subsidiary of the CIA, the casting of Linda Hamilton as Chuck’s mother and more.


CCI: "Sucker Punch" Press Conference

The cast and crew of "Sucker Punch" spoke at Comic-Con International, discussing the empowerment of their fight training, director Zack Snyder's approach to filmmaking and the decision to shoot the movie in 2D.

Foglio On The Many Lives Of

Foglio On The Many Lives Of "Girl Genius"

In light of last week's announcements regarding new "Girl Genius" projects, the popular webcomic's co-creator Phil Foglio spoke with ROBOT 6, discussing the deal with Tor, the audiobooks, prose novels and more.


CCI: "Human Target" Panel

The heroes of FOX's "Human Target" series fielded questions and provided clues about what will happen to Christopher Chance in the upcoming season during their Comic-Con International panel.


CCI: "Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark"

Producer/co-writer Guillermo del Toro and director Troy Nixey gave the audience at Comic-Con International plenty of reasons to keep the lights on for their remake of "Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark."

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Haddon Investigates

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Haddon Investigates "The Strange Case of Hyde"

Cole Haddon's original take on Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde was announced at CCI, and CBR spoke exclusively with the writer, whose "Strange Case of Hyde" will also be produced for film.

CCI: Adult Swim Panel

CCI: Adult Swim Panel

Seth Green, Matt Senreich, Tom Root, Doc Hammer, Jackson Publick, and Brendan Small gave rabid fans a taste of what to expect from the upcoming seasons of Robot Chicken, Venture Bros. and Metalocalypse.

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

A copy of "Action Comics" #1 saves a family home from foreclosure! Barnes & Noble put up for sale! Bryan Lee O'Malley talks manga and "Scott Pilgrim"! A beginner's guide to "The Walking Dead"! Plus much more!

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Exes: Satya Bhabha & Brandon Routh

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Exes: Satya Bhabha & Brandon Routh

Evil Ex #1 and #3, Satya Bhabha and Brandon Routh, discuss their "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" characters' hidden humanity, working with director Edgar Wright, movie nights in Toronto and Routh's blonde wig.

Marvel Releases

Marvel Releases "Avengers Vs. Thunderbolts" Teaser

Marvel Comics has released a teaser for "Avengers Vs. Thunderbolts" debuting in Novmber 2010 with the image promising a showdown between Steve Rogers and the man who assassinated him, Crossbones.

Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class, Scott Pilgrim: Aug 4th Comic Reel

Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class, Scott Pilgrim: Aug 4th Comic Reel

Mark Strong talks the importance of Sinestro's look. Matthew Vaughn talks the "heart" of "First Class". "Scott Pilgrim" writer talks adaptation. Also, a first look at "Dylan Dog" and more.


CCI: DC's "Secret Origin" Revealed On Film

The Ryan Reynolds narrated “Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics” debuted at CCI with several legendary DC figures on hand to discuss the documentary and Denny O’Neill revealing how he almost died writing "Azrael."

PRESS RELEASE: Olivia Newton-John Comic Biography to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia and Jim Henson Company Announce OGN Written by Henson and Jerry Juhl

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow Hires Eisner Award-Winning Retailer As Direct Market Liaison

PRESS RELEASE: Storytime! Opening Reception at Cartoon Art Museum August 24

PRESS RELEASE: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" Director Edgar Wright on KCRW Today at 2:30 PST

PREVIEWS: New Comics on Sale 8/4/2010

PREVIEWS: New Comics on Sale 8/4/2010

It's New Comics Day in the States, and CBR has seventy previews of new titles on sale today from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image Comics, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite Entertainment and more!


CCI: "Smallville's" Final Season

"Smallville" actors John Schneider, Justin Hartely and producer Brian Petersen spoke with CBR News at Comic-Con International about the return of Pa Kent, Oliver Queen's story arc and the pesky issue of tights.

PRESS RELEASE: "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" Director Edgar Wright on KCRW

CCI: Digital Comics Now! Panel

CCI: Digital Comics Now! Panel

Despite the proliferation and growing popularity of handheld devices like iPads, iPhones and Kindles, panelists said digital comic publishers continue struggle to get their comics into the hands of would-be buyers.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics Gets Mixed Up Again with New Printing of "Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark"

CBR TV @ CCI 2010: LeVar Burton & Mark Wolfe on

CBR TV @ CCI 2010: LeVar Burton & Mark Wolfe on "Con-CERNed"

LeVar Burton and Mark Wolfe spoke with CBR TV during the recently wrapped CCI about their recent MySpace Dark Horse Comics Presents comic "Con-CERNed," the team's future plans in comics and elsewhere and more.


CCI EXCLUSIVE: "2000AD" Announces US Edition

Editor Keith Richardson sat down with CBR in San Diego and revealed plans for a US version of “2000AD,” never before seen in the US Alan Moore material, and the holy grail of Grant Morrison comics.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Fantastic Four" #583

Marvel Comics has released an advance preview for "Fantastic Four" #583, the first chapter of "Fantastic Four: Three" by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Steve Epting. The new storyline starts September 2.


CCI: "Supernatural" Screening, Q&A

During the panel at Comic-Con International for The CW's "Supernatural," the cast and producers talked about the apocalypse-averting season finale, and the significant change in direction that lies ahead.

Read The Full Issue:

Read The Full Issue: "Hellspawn" #1

In advance of this week's hardcover collection release, Image Comics has provided CBR with the entire first issue of "Hellspawn" #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Ashley Wood with a new cover by Templesmith.

PRESS RELEASE: "Darkwing Duck" #1 Sells Out, Goes to Second Printing


PREVIEW: "Troublemaker: Book 2"

Dark Horse has released an advance look at the second volume of the best-selling graphic novel series "Troublemaker" written by Janet and Alex Evanovich and artist Joëlle Jones. Book Two hits stores November 3.

Ghost Rider Lawsuit Against Marvel Lives On

Ghost Rider Lawsuit Against Marvel Lives On

A lawyer for Ghost Rider co-creator Gary Friedrich has asserted that the writer's copyright-infringement lawsuit against Marvel will proceed, despite reports that the action had been dismissed. ROBOT 6 has details.

PRESS RELEASE: Brian Azzarello and Hero Initiative Take You to the Ballgame

Will Gambit Patrol In Hell's Kitchen?

Will Gambit Patrol In Hell's Kitchen?

In a follow up to yesterday's cosmic powered teaser, Marvel has released a new "Shadowland" image wondering if the popular mutant known as Gambit is, in fact, the new Man Without Fear.