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PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics Adds Betsy Gomez as PR & Marketing Coordinator

PRESS RELEASE: Max Brooks Pens Next Generation of G.I. JOE Comics



Join CSBG for a new feature about the most peculiar connections that comic book writers retroactively draw between disparate characters. Today, see a particularly interesting ret-con involving Spider-Man and Misty Knight!


Official: "Green Lantern" Will Debut in 3D

Warner Brothers has confirmed for CBR that the Ryan Reynolds-starring, Martin Campbell-directed "Green Lantern" film will bow in 3 Dimensions when it brings Hal Jordan to multiplexes next year.


Confirmed: "Smallville" On For 10th Season

Hot on the heels of a ratings-topping performance for Geoff Johns "Absolute Justice," The CW's drama focusing on a young Superman will return in the fall of 2010 to round out a decade of superhero action.


PREVIEW: "Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton" #1

DC Comics has released a preview of "Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton" #1, co-written by James Robinson and Sterling Gates, art by Pete Woods and covers by Andy Kubert and Marcos Manz.

DnA Issue

DnA Issue "The Thanos Imperative"

Marvel's 6-issue "Thanos Imperative" begins in June and CBR spoke with writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning about the project, which kicks off with a special May prologue issue, "The Thanos Imperative: Ignition."

Liatowitsch & Ocvirk Sing a

Liatowitsch & Ocvirk Sing a "Song of Saya"

CBR spoke with writers Daniel Liatowitsch and Todd Ocvirk about "Song of Saya," a surreal horror love story debuting last week from IDW Publishing, adapting an unusual Japanese videogame for English-speaking audiences.


FIRST LOOK: "The Green Hornet Strikes" #1

Dynamite Entertainment has provided CBR News with an exclusive First Look at Ariel Padilla's interior art for the Brett Matthews' scripted "The Green Hornet Strikes" #1, featuring a cover by John Cassaday.

Remender Readies

Remender Readies "FrankenCastle" for the Big Payback

CBR spoke with writer Rick Remender about his plans for "Punisher," which morphs into "FrankenCastle" with issue #17 and sees the Punisher use his skills, weapons, and new undead physical form to get his revenge.

Barnes and Southworth are

Barnes and Southworth are "Not Invented Here"

Veteran webcartoonists Bill Barnes and Paul Southworth took some time and spoke with CBR News about turning their creative sites on the software industry in their new collaborative webcomic "Not Invented Here."


REVIEW: "First Wave" #1

Chad Nevett reviewed DC Comic's "First Wave" #1 and gave the Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales collaboration 3 stars, saying that "Morales is a good fit for Azzarello" and ultimately, "'First Wave' #1 is a good starting place."

Jessica Jones is a New Avenger

Jessica Jones is a New Avenger

Marvel's latest "New Avengers" announcement introduces Luke Cage's better half to the team as Jessica Jones, aka Jewel is revealed to be a part of the roster. The Brian Michale Bendis and Stuart Immonen series hits stores in June.

Palmiotti & Gray Commit

Palmiotti & Gray Commit "Random Acts of Violence"

The "Jonah Hex" and "Power Girl" writing duo join forces once more for a thrilling new Image Comics graphic novella about the horrors of fiction and creation. Plus, check out an exclusive preview from the book!


PREVIEW: "Batman and Robin" #10

DC Comics has released a 5-page preview of "Batman and Robin" #10, on sale next Wednesday, March 10, from the creative team of Grant Morrison and new artist Andy Clarke with covers by Frank Quitely and Clarke.

Conan, Wolverine 2, Green Lantern: March 4th Comic Reel

Conan, Wolverine 2, Green Lantern: March 4th Comic Reel

The face of "Conan's" enemy revealed? "Wolverine 2" setting sail for Japan next year? "Green Lantern" test shoots on the streets of New Orleans. Also, "The Shadow" at Fox and more.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man" #8

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man" #8 by Brian Michael Bendis and Takeshi Miyazawa! The issue will hit stores next week on Wednesday, March 10.

Azzarello & Morales Ride DC's

Azzarello & Morales Ride DC's "First Wave"

Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales spoke with CBR News and shed some new light onto DC's new pulp-comic crossover title, "First Wave," which features Doc Savage, Will Eisner's Spirit and a different type of Batman.

Hope Larson Explores the Mystery of

Hope Larson Explores the Mystery of "Mercury"

With her latest teen-oriented graphic novel, cartoonist Hope Larson tells the tale of two girls from different times connected by family strife, social pressures and the liquid metal used to hunt for gold.

PRESS RELEASE: Archie Comics Unveils New Interactive Web Site

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse Donates 5000 Copies of Mass Effect #1 to US Troops Overseas

PRESS RELEASE: GelaSkins Inc. Releases Marvel Designs

PRESS RELEASE: $1-million-plus Batman comic leads Guinness World Record-breaking $5.6 million comics auction at Heritage Auctions

Comix Academy Workshops Debut this July in San Diego

Comix Academy Workshops Debut this July in San Diego

Tischman Books Angel a Trip to

Tischman Books Angel a Trip to "Barbary Coast"

In "Barbary Coast," Angel visits 1906 San Francisco's seediest district in search of a cure for his troublesome soul. We spoke with David Tischman about filling in the gaps of Angel's undead life.

Kelly Prepares Spider-Man for a

Kelly Prepares Spider-Man for a "Grim Hunt"

"The Gauntlet" is over and the "Grim Hunt" begins in "Amazing Spider-Man" #634. CBR spoke with Joe Kelly about the arc, which finds the family of Kraven the Hunter poised and ready to take down a beaten and battered Spidey.


FIRST LOOK: "Fantastic Four" #577

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR presents an exclusive First Look at Dale Eaglesham's issue-opening splash page from "Fantastic Four" #577, depicting the Inhumans in their one-time home in the Blue Area of the moon.

DC Reveals Cover for

DC Reveals Cover for "Blackest Night" #8

DC Comics has released the spoilerific cover for "Blackest Night" #8 by series artist Ivan Reis. The final issue of the Geoff Johns scripted event is scheduled to hit stores on Wednesday, March 31.

Hill & Levin Open

Hill & Levin Open "Pandora's Box" For Inspiration

The co-writers of Top Cow's currently running miniseries discuss the various comic books, films and other works of popular culture that inform their writing process on "Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box."

Wolverine Remains A

Wolverine Remains A "New Avenger"

Wolverine has been revealed as the latest member of Marvel's New Avengers, making the team three for three in returning members. The Brian Michael Bendis/Stuart Immonen helmed series will be launching in June.

Marvel Heroines Face A Cosmic Threat in

Marvel Heroines Face A Cosmic Threat in "Heralds"

Marvel Comics announced yesterday that Kathryn Immonen and Tonci Zonjic will be teaming up in June for "Heralds, a 5-issue weekly series featuring the company's biggest superheroine characters.

CBR TV: Samuel L. Jackson - Part 2

CBR TV: Samuel L. Jackson - Part 2

In the second part of CBR TV's interview with Samuel L. Jackson, the actor reveals the depth of his comic book fandom, discusses the "pressure" of measuring up to Hollywood's previous depiction of Nick Fury and more. UPDATED

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Handley's attorney speaks on obscenity law, guilty plea! More on "Incarnate" controversy (plus "Battle Angel" vs. "Elektra")! Cartoonists turn to Kickstarter! Plus interviews with Cruse, Robinson, Rugg, Yost and more!

The Boys, The Avengers, Predators: March 3rd Comic Reel

The Boys, The Avengers, Predators: March 3rd Comic Reel

"Nightmare on Elm Street" director to tackle "The Boys?" Does Joe Quesada have the first draft of "The Avengers?" Will Austin take on "Predators?" Also, your "Tron" countdown image and more.

PREVIEWS: New Comics On Sale Today!

PREVIEWS: New Comics On Sale Today!

It's New Comics Day here in the United States, and CBR has nearly fifty previews of titles hitting stores today from Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite and more!

PRESS RELEASE: Diana Thung Debuts at SLG with Captain Long Ears

PRESS RELEASE: Cartoon Art Museum's WonderCon Party to Benefit Ed Hannigan

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow's "Angelus" #1 and #2 Sell Out

PRESS RELEASE: Cartoon Art Museum Hosts Discussion with Paul Pope

PRESS RELEASE: "Presidential Pets" Graphic Novel Provides History Lesson for Kids