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COMMITTED: Issues with Back Issues

COMMITTED: Issues with Back Issues

Spend some time with Sonia as she shares the first of a two-part exploration of her childhood comic book collection. This week, she spotlights her superhero comics from 1981-1995, featuring "JLI, "Iron Man" and more!

Image Comics Titles on Sale March 3, 2010

Image Comics Titles on Sale March 3, 2010

Image Comics has provided CBR with advance looks at new comics on sale March 3, including "God Complex" #4, "Chew" #9, and an exclusive preview of the concluding chapter of "Underground!"

PRESS RELEASE: "True Blood" Author Charlaine Harris is Bluewater's Next "Female Force"

PRESS RELEASE: Titan Publishing Releases "Transformers" for iPhone in UK and Eire

CSBG: Ten Women of

CSBG: Ten Women of "Fables"

Kelly celebrates Bill Willingham's impressive female cast of "Fables" by calling out her top ten favorite female characters that populate the acclaimed Vertigo series in this week's installment of SHE HAS NO HEAD!

Dark Horse Titles On Sale March 3, 2010

Dark Horse Titles On Sale March 3, 2010

Dark Horse has provided previews of titles on sale this week, including "Age of Reptiles" #3, "Conan the Cimmerian" #19, and "Mass Effect: Redemption" #3!

James Kochalka talks

James Kochalka talks "SuperF*ckers"

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea talks to James Kochalka about the collected "SuperF*ckers" from Top Shelf that arrives next month, as well as his new video game/graphic novel project "Glorkian Warrior."

CBR TV: Samuel L. Jackson - Part 1

CBR TV: Samuel L. Jackson - Part 1

Samuel L. Jackson stopped by CBR TV to discuss his upcoming comic book, "Cold Space," which will be published later this year by BOOM! Studios. He spoke about the project's origins, what fans can expect from the story and more.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "Cop Out"

Warner Bros.' "Cop Out," in theaters today, offers moments of funny in a generally bland cop story of missing cards, cars, and women. While the leads are watchable, the film's overall shortcomings fall on director Kevin Smith.

Sanderson Rides the

Sanderson Rides the "Wheel of Time"

Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, tasked with completing the epic "Wheel of Time" series of novels, spoke about finishing Robert Jordan's saga and his feelings on Dynamite Entertainment's upcoming adaptation.

Comic Book Legends Revealed

Comic Book Legends Revealed

Learn the history behind Barry Windsor-Smith's unpublished Hulk project and what major story it may have influenced! Plus, the truth behind a Watchmen mystery and a profane protest from comic legend Mike Sekowsky!

CBR POLL: Where Should Comic-Con International Be Held?

CBR POLL: Where Should Comic-Con International Be Held?

Comic-Con International's contract with San Diego is up in 2013, and several major cities are currently courting the show. Weigh in with what you would like to see happen with the convention!


REVIEW: "Fantastic Four" #576

Timothy Callahan reviews "Fantastic Four" #576 and gives the Jonathan Hickman/Dale Eaglesham comic 4 stars, saying of the team that "they're not only doing the Fantastic Four right, they're doing superhero comics right."

Edmondson & Weldele Turn On

Edmondson & Weldele Turn On "The Light"

"Olympus" writer Nathan Edmondson and "Surrogates" illustrator Brett Weldele spoke with CBR about "The Light," a horror miniseries debuting from Image in April, and provided exclusive teaser images from the book.

Jake Parker: From

Jake Parker: From "Flight" to "Missile Mouse"

Cartoonist and animator Jake Parker spoke with CBR News about his new graphic novel from Scholastic featuring his childhood creation, Missile Mouse, and his day job as an animation artist at Blue Sky Studios.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Kevin Smith's Green Hornet" #1

Courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment, CBR presents an exclusive 7-page preview of "Kevin Smith's Green Hornet" #1, featuring a story by Smith and art by Jonathan Lau, in stores March 3.

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Reactions to "Incarnate" plagiarism accusations! More on the record sale of "Detective Comics" #27! Comics in North Korea! McAlpin's efforts to get "Multiplex" into comic stores! NeilAlien's secret origin! Plus more!

The Flash, Iron Man 2, Conan: Feb 26th Comic Reel

The Flash, Iron Man 2, Conan: Feb 26th Comic Reel

Has "The Flash" found his director? "Iron Man 2" featurette focuses on Monaco. "Conan" to clash with MMA fighter. Also, "Wanted 2" found dead, Ciaran Hinds on "John Carter of Mars" and more

DC Unveils First Look At

DC Unveils First Look At "First Wave"

Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales reinvention of iconic heroes from Doc Savage to The Spirit to Batman has its first full color pages see the light of day in advance of the universe-building "First Wave" #1 this March.

Marvel Comics On Sale March 3, 2010

Marvel Comics On Sale March 3, 2010

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale Wednesday, March 3, including "Invincible Iron Man" #24, "New Ultimates" #1, and extended previews of "Girl Comics" #1 and "Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way" #1!

PRESS RELEASE: Army Launches 2nd Issue of America's Army - The Graphic Novel

PRESS RELEASE: IDW Launches Star Trek Movie Adaptation Comic

Discussing Comic-Con International's Future

Discussing Comic-Con International's Future

With talk swirling over whether it will remain in San Diego, Comic-Con International's David Glanzer discussed which cities are in the running, the issues at stake and why no decision has been made yet.

Peter David's

Peter David's "X-Factor": Earth Moving, Star Shattering

The writer behind Marvel's mutant mystery serial "X-Factor" reflects on the game-changing relationship between Shatterstar and Rictor and how it affected fans of the pair and his story.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Lenore: Wedgies"

Courtesy of Titan Books, CBR presents an exclusive 6-page preview of the newly recolored edition of "Lenore: Wedgies" by creator and artist Roman Dirge. The collection is scheduled to hit stores on April 20, 2010.

Archaia Returns to

Archaia Returns to "Fraggle Rock"

Creators Heather White, Jeffery Brown and Katie Cook all dance their cares away and leave their worries for another day as they discuss their involvement with Archaia's newest ongoing series, "Fraggle Rock."

DC Unveils Covers for

DC Unveils Covers for "Green Lantern" #52

After keeping them under wraps for March's solicits, DC has unveiled the covers for "Green Lantern" #52, both of which feature the newly minted White Lantern. ROBOT 6 has the spoilerific images.

Foglio on His Award-Winning

Foglio on His Award-Winning "Genius"

Phil Foglio, the artist and co-writer of the Hugo Award-winning "Girl Genius," spoke with CBR about being halfway through the epic steampunk story and gives the acceptance speech he would have delivered at Worldcon.

"Iron Man" Costumes, Props to be Auctioned at C2E2

Marvel Studios will be auctioning off costumes and props from "Iron Man" during a special event to be held on April 16 - 18 at Chicago's C2E2 show. Those unable to attend will still be able to bid via eBay.


COMMENTARY TRACK: "Image United" #0

Robert Kirkman offers CBR readers a behind-the-scenes look at the special "Image United" prelude story while "G-Man" creator Chris Giarrusso talks about his back up strip featured in the issue, "Image Untied."


REVIEW: "Blackest Night" #7

Doug Zawisza reviews Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis' "Blackest Night" #7, giving it 4 stars saying "Johns set out to make this story different...and change the DC Universe. With one issue to go, it's safe to say he has accomplished this."

Superman, Captain America, Conan: Feb 25th Comic Reel

Superman, Captain America, Conan: Feb 25th Comic Reel

Goyer to write Superman reboot! Maybe. "Captain America" casting shortlist! Mickey Rourke as Conan's father! Also, "Tron" stunt update, "Thor" set photo, "Losers" TV spot, and "Scott Pilgrim."

Radical halts Nick Simmons'

Radical halts Nick Simmons' "Incarnate" amid claims of plagiarism

Radical Publishing has stopped production of its comic "Incarnate" while it investigates accusations that creator Nick Simmons, son of Gene Simmons, plagiarized "Bleach" and other manga.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Ultimate Comics Avengers" #5

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Ultimate Comics Avengers" #5, on sale March 3 from the creative team of writer Mark Millar and artist Carlos Pacheco.

PRESS RELEASE: Ben Templesmith and Ben McCool to Appear at Midtown Comics February 27

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse Announces "The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen"

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater's Biography of "Twilight" Author Stephanie Meyer Gets Hardcover Treatment

PRESS RELEASE: The Toronto Comic Arts Festival Returns May 8-9

Gotta Collect 'Em All - DC Announces White Lantern Ring Promotion

Gotta Collect 'Em All - DC Announces White Lantern Ring Promotion

DC Comics has announced that they will be offering a White Lantern ring alongside the GL and Flash rings as part of their "Brightest Day" promotion. ROBOT 6 has the details.

David Goyer Rumored To Write Superman Film

David Goyer Rumored To Write Superman Film

With the film fate of the Man of Steel still in doubt with fans, the rumor mill continues to circle around the "Dark Knight" creative team with new word popping up that David Goyer will pen a Kryptonian-themed action flick.